10 legionnaires who appeared in the RPL, but did not play at all: Rami, Vukusic, Jovanovic


There is always a special attitude to legionnaires. They are traditionally expected to do something supernatural – especially if the player is famous. Many foreigners who came to Russia faced the problem of inflated expectations, and not everyone coped with it. Transfers of individual characters after the fact raised one question: “Why did they come?” We will talk about these “transit passengers” today.

Adil Rami, season-2019/2020 (Sochi)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: RIA Novosti

The most recent example. At the time of his arrival in Sochi, the French defender was 34 years old – a solid age for football. However, the appearance Rami in the provincial club caused a serious stir. As it turned out, Adil was not ready to benefit the team here and now. “Rami hid the injury. When the contract was discussed, he said that he was ready to go out and play. It turns out that he cheated, “- said Boris Rotenberg, the owner of Sochi.

The eminent rookie has never even been included in the application for a match, not to mention actually showing his level. The parties decided to terminate the contract, but could not part ways in an amicable way: the player’s agent said that Sochi did not fulfill all its obligations to pay salaries. Rami’s representatives are ready to defend the interests of their client in FIFA and even the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Ganelli Imbula, season-2019/2020 (Sochi)

30 minutes in RPL.

Photo: premierliga.ru

Imbulalike Rami, he came to Sochi during the winter transfer window. True, unlike Adil, the Congolese made his debut for a new club – he came out for half an hour in a sensational meeting with Rostov (10: 1). Neither before nor after that Imbula did not play for Sochi anymore – he cannot withstand competition in the middle lane with Noboa, Burmistrov, Tsallagov. Considering that over the past three years, Imbula has changed five clubs, it is unlikely that he will stay for long in Sochi.

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Sally Muniru, season-2019/2020 (Tambov)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: premierliga.ru

The Ghanaian midfielder spent almost a year in Tambov’s reserve. The most remarkable fact in the biography Muniru so far there is a relationship with Sally Muntari, ex-player of Inter and Milan. Sally’s only match for the Wolves was the cup meeting with Tom in September last year (0: 4). Muniru’s contract with “Tambov” expired in the summer – it is not surprising that the club did not want to renew it.

Bakary Kone, season 2019/2020 (Arsenal)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Kone played for a long time in France, and achieved the greatest success at Lyon. Bakari ranks 39th in club history in terms of matches played (141). For the last four years, Kone has been wandering around more modest teams: Malaga, Strasbourg, Ankaragucu and, finally, Arsenal Tula. He never made his debut in the “gunsmiths” – he was treated for injuries a lot, missed the winter training camp and canceled the contract with the club. It was reported that Bakari may be in the “Rotor”, but so far he is officially unemployed.

Ante Vukusic, season-2017/2018 (“Tosno”)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: Bernd Müller / Getty Images

Peak career Vukushicha fell in 2012: he became the second scorer of the Croatian championship (12 goals), received a call to the national team, and the price tag for the striker soared to 5 million euros. Ante’s further fate is much sadder – he did not play in Pescara, went on loan and spent a long time without a club. In “Tosno” the Croat was diagnosed with lung disease. “The doctors told me that these are common back pain. Tosno said the problems were related to the lungs. In fact, I have been playing with one healthy lung for several years, ”Vukusic admitted.

The player underwent surgery, it took a long recovery. Maybe Ante would have played for Tosno in the RPL, but the club started having financial problems. Vukusic left Russia and was able to restart his career: now he plays for Olimpia and is the top scorer of the Slovenian championship (26 goals).

Josimar Quintero, season-2017/2018 (“Rostov”)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: fc-rostov.ru

The Colombian came to Rostov from the Chelsea youth team on loan. Josimar started his career in football with the Barcelona academy, but despite such a powerful background, he never got a chance in the RPL. Adapt to Russian realities Quintero sent to the youth team of “Rostov”, where he spent only 4 matches. Six months later, Quintero returned to Chelsea, but only to go on loan again – this time to Betis. The Colombian midfielder has been a free agent since summer 2020.

Vukashin Yovanovich, 2016 (Zenit)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: RIA Novosti

In winter 2016 transfer Jovanovic cost “Zenith” 2 million euros. At home, in Crvena Zvezda, the 19-year-old defender was a base player and regularly played for the youth national team of Serbia. Of course, they took him for the future, but the matches for Zenit-2 were hardly able to reveal the full potential of the player. Jovanovic confessed that Mircea Lucescu’s mistrust prevented him from playing at Zenit’s base: “Before the winter break, Lucescu said that he really liked me in training, but it would be better to look for rental options”.

Jovanovic left for Bordeaux, which bought the rights to the defender at the end of the lease. Now he plays more often: 11 games this season (19 in the past). The transfer cost of the Serb also increased (from 700 thousand to 5 million euros).

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Nicholas Canales, season 2015/2016 (Wings of the Soviets)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: premierliga.ru

The Chilean forward showed himself most vividly at Neftchi (40 goals in 73 matches). At the end of the contract with the Baku club Canales moved to Wings of the Soviets as a free agent, but in six months in Russia he never entered the field. Five times the Chilean was included in the application for RPL matches, but no more.

“The Canales variant arose spontaneously in general,” recalled Maxim Lyapin, a breeder at Wings of the Soviets. – At that time, all the attackers were injured, and we urgently needed to insure ourselves. We immediately agreed that if Canales does not play, he will leave without compensation. ” In February 2016, Nicholas returned to Neftchi, where he played seven matches, after which he left for Kazakhstan’s Okzhetpes. Canales is now without a club.

Gustavo Blanco Leschuk, season 2013/2014 (Anji)

0 minutes in RPL.

Photo: premierliga.ru

In 2014, Anji left the RPL. The leaders left the team, and there was a mess with the line-up. One of those who got lost then in the Makhachkala club was Gustavo Blanco Leschuk… With the move to Russia, the player’s salary increased 8 times, but the Argentinean with Ukrainian roots failed to debut in a new place. The best stage of Gustavo’s career fell on 2016-2017: playing for Karpaty and Shakhtar, he became the third scorer of the Ukrainian championship (11 goals). In the summer of 2019, the forward moved to Turkish Antalyaspor.

Kim In Sung, 2012-2013 (CSKA)

1 minute in RPL.

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

The appearance of the Korean in CSKA is a big mystery. At the time of transfer to the “army” club Kim In Sung wasn’t even a professional: he played for the semi-amateur Gangneung City from the third division of the Korean Championship. After watching, the midfielder got into the youth team of CSKA, and from there – to the training camp of the first team.

“This is the weirdest footballer I’ve ever played with. I didn’t talk to anyone, the translator appeared later. I came to the training camp – and how I started to carry the whole base of CSKA! Technical, fast, Ronaldo-style strikes. They took him, played a couple of matches and disappeared. I don’t even know where he is playing now, ”recalled the Korean Serder Serderov, a graduate of the CSKA Academy. Kim In Sung came out for one minute in the match with Zenit (2: 2) and for five – in the cup meeting with “Tom” (1: 0). In 2013, the Korean midfielder returned to his homeland. But recently, Kim made his debut for the national team.

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