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Steam Workshop Diamonds.

Together with operations for CS: GO Valve often added two player co-op missions. For example, in Shattered Web, the Kaeser had to get into a secret bunker and stop the villain who was hiding there. And even earlier, players went through missions to destroy bots with certain weapons on the maps from the official map pool.

However, operations in CS: GO are very rare, and many people want to constantly play with friends in co-op modes. Luckily, the Steam Workshop has a ton of different community maps for the company to play. We have selected the most interesting ones.

These are 11 very fun, but sometimes buggy enough cards. Be prepared to have fun (and painful) fun (and pain) with your friends, both from the gameplay and from many funny flaws.


The first 5 maps of this list were created by the same person – CTX mapmaker, who has been developing some of the best co-op missions for CS: GO for 6 years. His first job has a lot of car shooting and fast gameplay. You can rescue a hostage in a company of up to 6 people.

Link to the map.


The second job CTX takes the player to a snowy location, where he will also need to rescue hostages. On this map, shootouts have become much more spectacular, and the direction of some moments can compete with full-fledged single-player games.

Link to the map.


One of the most popular maps in the Steam Workshop for CS: GO (over 1.6 million subscriptions), which is very interesting to play with a company. Rocket gunfights and a lot of travel on a variety of vehicles (there is even a train).

Link to the map.


With this co-op card, CTX completely changed the setting of their work. This time, the players found themselves in a fantasy world, where they have to fight a bunch of various evil spirits – including a dragon!

Link to the map.


Check out the trailer for this map and see how CTX maps have progressed over the years. This location is a full-fledged storyline campaign with its own characters, voice acting and spectacular moments.

Link to the map.


A map with the famous mode in which you have to fight off waves of enemies. Choose one of four classes, invite your friends and try to survive.

Link to the map.

KFC Job Simulator v2

On this map you can feel holder of a red diploma an employee of the KFC network. A fun mode for frivolous competitions with friends, in which you will find out who is better and faster in roasting a chicken.

Link to the map.

Arctic Ops (Co-op)

Another cooperative map with a winter setting. Hostages, a huge base and the opportunity to pass with a friend for a while – everything as you like. Do you miss Austria and play Office all the time? Then you will like this card very much. Well, the gameplay itself is great too.

Link to the map.

Hotline (Co-Op)

The uncomplicated 2D shooter Hotline Miami has become so iconic that levels based on this game appear even in CS: GO. The description of the mode invites players to “hunt communists” – quite in the style of the original game. Themed levels and music make this map a must-play for every Hotline Miami fan.

Link to the map.


Naturally, we couldn’t do without a horror mod. This time, you and your friends will not only have to shoot at hordes of opponents, but also often get scared. The map is a must for all fans of non-standard modes in CS: GO.

Link to the map.

Railway (Co-Op)

Let’s add some PAYDAY gameplay to this list. On Railway, you will need to enter the drug dealer’s hideout and steal several packets of cocaine from him. Firefights with the police, a large building and up to 12 players in one session – such a map cannot be boring.

Link to the map.

* * *

What cooperative maps in CS: GO have you played? Let us know in the comments.

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