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We study the chips on the most unusual map.

Nuke – one of the most unusual cards in CS: GO… It is distinguished by a vertical structure in which one point is located above the other. Because of this, the spreads on Nuke are also significantly different from the usual ways to throw smoks on the cards. Here you need to know both a lot of projectiles on the run and whole walls of smoke grenades.

Sports.ru has selected 14 essential Nuke smacks that will help you surprise your opponents in both attack and defense. Be prepared that due to the complexity of the map, some of the spreads will require training.

Smokey for protection

Exit to the ramp

Throwing the correct smok at the exit from the ramp is very simple – just throw a grenade on the go, aiming at the upper left corner of this sign. A small margin of error is allowed as the smoke will still fall correctly in most cases.


To squeeze the street

If you need to dampen the street or just stand behind a box, then such a smok will ideally help with this. We throw a grenade at the top of this box, while we run to the tightening. Such smoke will obscure the visibility of terrorists entering the street.


Distant smok into the booth

This throw-out closes the passage to the booth for attackers. To complete it, we stand in this corner not far from the nine.

We aim at the top of the doorway and throw smok from the spot.


Middle smok booth

Sometimes counter-terrorists need to knock out point A, and in such a situation, the previous spread will be very dangerous. You can close the booth more safely if you throw a grenade from this corner.

Pay attention to these windows on the left.

We aim at the lower part between the second and third windows. We throw a grenade while standing still.


For retake point B

These two simple smoks will be very useful in retaking point B. To spread the right side, you need to stand point-blank towards the middle of this iron figure.

We aim at the top of the electrical panel and throw a smoke grenade from the spot.

To spread the left side, you need to cuddle up to the same iron figure opposite.

See the little white sticker on the fire extinguisher? We aim at it and throw the smok from the spot.


Smokey for the attack


Going out into the hangar without a smoke is suicide. To close this position with a smoke grenade, stand on the left corner of this blue box.

We aim the sight just above the iron holder. We throw smok, standing still.


A wall of smoks in the street

There are many ways to make the famous smok wall on the street, but we’ve picked the easiest one that doesn’t require you to throw a grenade while jumping. For the first spreading, we find a small gap in the fence.

We need to aim so that the end of the left fence meets the beginning of the building in the background, as shown in the screenshot.

After that, we aim at three electrical wires to the right of the mushroom.

We find the place where the wire goes through the thin iron beam, and we throw the smok from the place.

The second grenade is thrown from the far gap in the fence. We come up clearly in the middle of the gap.

Let’s pay attention to three wires again. This time, you need to aim where they intersect with the large lantern.

We aim at the bottom wire and throw the grenade from its place.

This is what the result of this difficult scattering looks like.


Maine with mushroom

While on the mushroom, you can see an iron box facing the maine. We find on it the second stripe on the left and throw a grenade on the move.


The secret

We stand at the base of the second yellow stripe on the right. Try to aim as accurately as possible.

We aim the sight in the middle between the two lower wires. The crosshair should be just to the right of the ledge against the wall.


Maine from the roof

The main feature of Nuke throws is that you can throw grenades through roof windows. To close the maine with smoke, you first need to break the glass on the right window.

Then we stand in the corner between the wall and the iron pipes.

We aim at the right side of the pipe, approximately at the level with the beginning of the black bar on the left. We leave the sight in this position and run back and to the left until we hit an obstacle.

This is how your scope should look like in the end. We throw the grenade from the spot.



A similar spread can be made for a nine. For her, we need a frag grenade. We stand directly on this strip near the mushroom.

Now we need to take a close look at the indicated area. It is advisable to use a sniper rifle for the first time.

We need to move the sight away from the iron beam until it goes through the iron pipes. Then we throw a fragmentation grenade at this point (to break the window), and then smok. Be sure to watch the video with this spread, it will make the process much clearer.


Default on the ramp

It is very easy to close the visibility of the player on the ramp. First you need to stand point-blank to this vertical line on the railing.

We aim at the upper left part of the door. We throw the grenade after a couple of steps on the shift.


Ramp cross

If you need to go to point B from the ramp, then it is best to spend smoke on a cross. Aim at the top right corner of the orange rectangle. We throw smok on the go. Now players who are dragged from point A will not see terrorists running through.



Even if you have passed into the secret, getting to point B will not be easy. To facilitate the approach to the point, you can close the sleeve with smoke. We stand in the corner between the wall and the left barrel.

Aim at the bottom of the brown square. We throw smok from a place.


If you learn all 14 pomegranates presented, then you can definitely call yourself a smokey guru on Nuke. Train your throws and win!

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