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Choosing ski boots can be a real pain – both figuratively and physically. Firstly, we should say that the most important thing about getting a new pair of boots is getting the correct fit. If a boot ticks all the right boxes but doesn’t fit right it can cause pain, discomfort and blisters at best, and be a total write off at worst.

However it is worth knowing what flex and features to look for before you start your hunt for the perfect fit. So let’s jump into them.


One of the first things to consider when choosing ski boots is what kind of performance you are after. If you’re focussed on laying down fat angles on the piste you’ll be after a very different boot from someone looking to get away from it all in the backcountry. Similarly, if you are just starting out you’ll be after a much more forgiving boot than a seasoned skier.

It is your performance level combined with your weight that will dictate what flex rating you should be looking for in a boot. Generally you will find boots with a flex rating from 60 – 140, this number isn’t standardised across the manufacturers and depends on the fit of the boot, but it gives a good indication to start with.

Ski boots at the lower range (60 – 90)  will be focussed on beginner / intermediate skiers and those who are smaller and lighter. In the middle of the range (90 – 130) is what most recreational skiers will be in, depending on their weight. When you start looking at the 130 plus flex ratings these will be built for more advanced skiers and those larger in build.


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