How To Choose The Right Ski Length


When you know what kind of skiing you want to do you can start to narrow down the models on the market that would suit your needs. The next step to finding the perfect ski is to choose the correct length.

Traditionally people would be skiing on 2 metre plus skis. The longer the ski the more technically superior the shredder was deemed to be. Thankfully, with today’s modern shapes, this is no longer the case. Selecting your length will come down to three factors, your weight, ability and style.

Often people will include height in these factors, or maybe even use it as the main factor, we’ve all heard people measuring from their shoulders, chins, eyebrows, forehead wrinkles and the top wisp of their quiff to get the correct ski length. Work your way through the factors below and you can avoid getting a ski too small and twitchy for your needs or conversely to much of a handful if you oversize. 


Firstly remember that the skis cannot feel how tall you are. What it can feel is the weight that you apply to the ski. When you’re standing flat on the ski you will begin to flex and compress the camber, lean forwards or back you will begin to flex the tip and the tail.

Someone who weighs 75kg will flex the ski roughly the same no matter if they are 165cm or 180cm tall. As weight increases or decreases so should the length of ski within the category or model. 


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