Surfers Flock To San Diego Beach Amid Relaxed Lockdo…


Surfers Flock To San Diego Beach Amid Relaxed Lockdo…


With lockdowns restricting movement worldwide, San Diego surfers show us how hungry the public are to get outside

How much would you risk for that perfect wave? A broken board? A broken leg? Or maybe even a nasty case of coral cut? These are all legitimate reasons to get out into the surf in search of liquid perfection. However, the San Diego surf community took it one further by heading to the beach en masse in the peak of a global pandemic – all in the name of surfing.

San Diego city opened up their beaches on Monday 27th April, and it clearly didn’t take long for surfers to fill Pacific Beach – the below video was just taken 45 minutes after the beach was reopened at sunrise. Although the beach has been opened to surfers, runners, and walkers, stopping or sitting on the sand is still prohibited and social distance recommendations of two metres still have to be followed.



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