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When you think about Scotland, you might picture Archie Gemmill dribbling it through that great, great, Dutch side of 1978. You might picture the Cairngorms, or the Isle of Skye, or the highest mountain in the UK (Ben Nevis). You might picture tartan pattern, or Mel Gibson screaming “freedom” in Braveheart, or the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or haggis, or a dram of whisky perched on a table by a roaring fire. You might picture The Proclaimers, Sir Alex Ferguson furiously masticating chewing gum, or Whitelines‘ very own Rob McCreath. What you probably don’t picture, and this is just us taking a stab in the dark here, is surfing. Nah. Not surfing. That’s for Californians, the Cornish, and people from Hawaii.

Or is it?

The first episode of ‘It’s Home’, a collection of short films about Scots who appreciate what is right on their doorstep, takes a look at Mark Boyd and his local stomping ground of Thurso. Boyd, winner of consecutive National Surfing Championships in 2018 and 2019, is 33 years old and someone who embodies the essence of the Scottish surf scene. Cold waves, and all.

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