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Post without cats. Almost.

Some companions from the games are remembered for a long time – and this is not about human characters. Four-legged companions usually do not ask unnecessary questions, obediently carry out commands, rescue in difficult situations and faithfully look at the main character with big cute eyes – for this we love them.

Sports.ru has collected 5 of the best pets in video games, which have become as close to us as our own cats and dogs (parrots, turtles and others – too).

Fallout 4 dog

Dog is the mascot of the Fallout series. He appears in all parts except New Vegas and Fallout 76to accompany the protagonist on the wildest and most dangerous adventures. In the fourth part, we meet the German Shepherd at the very beginning – we will definitely not pass by. From that moment on, one of the most useful companions appears in the game: Dog silently follows the main character everywhere, searches the area and gets involved in a fight even with a crowd of armed enemies, distracting them so that you take aim. Do not worry, the Dog is immortal, unlike the third part, where the pet had to be left at home or resurrected through the ability “Dog Puppy”.

Far Cry 5 Cheeseburger

IN Far cry 5 it became possible to get a bear companion that has nothing to do with the Russians – you can hide earflaps. Cheeseburger has a sad fate – his mother was shot when he was very young, and he was rescued by the Fowler brothers. They bottle-fed the teddy bear and built a house in the KLYK Center, where he quickly became a local celebrity.

The antagonist of the game, Jacob Sid, wanted to take him for his experiments – then the owner released the bear, and the main character would have to lure him with a fish to get a unique and useful companion. You can’t play secretly with a bear, but it kills enemies in a few seconds.

Roach from The Witcher 3

Roach is not a specific horse, but a whole idea: Geralt calls all his horses that way because he does not distinguish between them. In the first two parts, the witcher moved on foot (although there were cut-scenes with a horse in the games), but in the third they finally gave us a faithful companion who would always come running to the call, more precisely, to the whistle.

Roach has his own quest – in the “Blood and Wine” add-on, Geralt begins to understand the language of animals by drinking a decoction of hallucinogenic mushrooms. The mare explains to him that she does not hold a grudge that she is constantly dragged into a forest full of monsters, and will tell him that she has adopted an unusual sense of humor from Geralt himself.

Leotard from The Last Guardian

The giant cat bird, chimera or griffin Trico is one of the two main characters in The Last Guardian, the main companion of the little boy. They meet in a cave, where the boy finds Trico wounded, in chains and spears in his back.

At the beginning of the game, we will gain the trust of a strange creature, feed him with barrels of food and stroke him until we stumble upon a strange mirror – so, step by step, the boy will begin to understand that with him is not a cute big-eyed pet, but a real killing machine, which shoots red lightning from the tail. What to do with such a friend is up to the player to decide.

Yoshi from Mario

Green dinosaur Yoshi is a real friend who never took offense that we threw him into the abyss a million times to save Mario, and then happily substituted his back again for the next adventures. This is not an easy means of transportation: the dinosaur has a family and a long history of relationships with the Mario brothers – he looked after them when they were children and always helped them in battles with villains.

Yoshi first appeared in Super mario worldwhere Mario punched him in the head to make him eat enemies (poor thing!) and has since become one of the most popular companions in video games.

What pet do you remember more than others? Let us know in the comments.

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