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Let the battle begin.

Big 70-hour console-exclusive releases are awesome, but have you ever tried a shallow but addictive indie game for two days awake? PC gamers always have something to do: at any time you can replay the classic of the 2000s, finish anything mods, drag a skating rink on a complex multi-button hero in Dota, or just watch how the backlight shimmers in the case and on the keyboard.

We’ve rounded up 5 noteworthy games not found on PlayStation and Xbox.


Console players, seeing RPG with pixel graphics, will grin, but in vain – Undertale is one of the cult RPGs that fans and critics alike have loved. Don’t believe me? Look for a Metacritic score below nine for the most wasted ten minutes of your life.

Why is she so loved? Many see a kindred spirit in that character who likes to lie on the floor after eating and feel like trash for the unique combat system that weaves turn-based and lively elements of combat, for the opportunity to spare monsters and for the witty jokes of the NPC.

UPD: Okay, only Xbox owners won’t be able to play it – PlayStation and Switch owners can still check out this masterpiece.

Sid Meiers’ Civilization V

Ten years after the release of Civilization V, it is still considered one of the best strategies – even the sixth part of the series, released in 2016, according to the players, does not reach it.

Creating and developing your own civilization is the easiest (and fun) way to stick to the monitor for a week. Before the release of the sixth part, the developers said that the players spent over a billion hours in Civ 5. While you disperse the invaders, negotiate with other rulers and build a wonder of the world, you will not notice how your face will grow a beard, and a new life will start in a pot of soup in the refrigerator.


Don’t be fooled by the mediocre graphics, RimWorld is a really cool game. This is the perfect simulator in a sci-fi setting: you play as travelers to other planets, and the goal of the game is to build a ship and fly away.

Procedural generation provides endless replayability, and gameplay, even if it gets boring, can be improved with a thousand custom mods. The stories of the inhabitants of the world are spelled out no worse than in Watch dogs – You will have to put up with difficult characters and lead wisely for the colony to flourish.

Black mesa

Who would have imagined that a team of independent modders would make a game as good as Valve. Black Mesa is a remake Half-life 1998 on the Source engine, which was officially released on Steam in 2020. There are few changes compared to the original – the developers cut and shortened travel to some locations, because gamers considered them “unnecessary”.

Its release was postponed three times – in 2009, 2010 and 2011, and finally in 2012 it was released, and the next year the version with the world of Zen became available – the developers did not have time to prepare it for release. Development lasted for ages – eight years, and fans criticized the creators of the game for being slow, but the result was worth it: now you can get acquainted with the classics with good graphics and no bugs.

Dota 2

What? Yes!

It is terribly inconvenient to play mobs from the phone and, moreover, from the gamepad, even if you just want to destroy forest creeps for 40 minutes with a bottle of cold. Unlike the single-player games on this list, Dota is all about team action: not only will you have to hit the buttons in time, but you will also have to communicate with other people, and some of them may be in a bad mood. If it were simpler – now there are 117 heroes in the game, each of which has 4-5 abilities, as well as about two hundred objects – you could stick into it with a gamepad, but it is better to choose an unobtrusive shooter than strain your brain (if you have did not play).

Didn’t find your-indie-favorite on this list and Artifact? Write about them in the comments.

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