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Moving away from the meta.

Meta-based play is not always good, because the enemy knows what to expect from your hero. We watched the matches of pro players and collected five not-so-standard picks for you, each of which can bring you a good win streak.

Doom to mid

Who showed? Fn and young G at OGA Dota Pit.

Why mid? Pace. Due to Scorched Earth, the hero is excellent in solo lane and farm quickly. Devour allows you to get additional gold without taking it away from your allies. In the mid lane, he just accelerates faster and gets the necessary items.

Swing: At the first level, we take Devour, then maximize the Earth. We always take the ult on the 6th.


  • 10th level: there is an excellent target for the ultimate – we take the duration, no – the move speed.
  • Level 15: +120 Devour Gold.
  • Level 20: Doom damage.
  • Level 25: Infernal Blade Damage.

Items: Similar to the assembly of the greedy Offlane Doom – Blink, Shiva, BKB. And don’t forget about Aghanim, who disables passive abilities through the Infernal Blade.

How to play? As in the offlane – we are in the center of the fight with the Earth on, focus the main target through the Infernal Blade.

Tusk offlane

Who showed? Boxi at ESL One Birmingham and Zai at ESL One LA. Since then, the hero has been slightly nerfed by his talents, but he can still fulfill his role.

Why offline? A strength hero with 3.9 strength per level and good starting armor (4.8) is great as a front laner. Almost all skills are aimed at interacting with the team and maintaining a high pace of the game.

Swing: We give priority to Tag Team. We swing the snowball at 4-5 levels. Ult is always on the 6th.


  • Level 10: Walrus Punch Stun.
  • 15th level: +325 HP.
  • Level 20: + 80% Walrus Punch Crit.
  • Level 25: Requires a lot of save – Snowball CD, not required – Walrus Punch crits from attacks.

Items: Blink, Drums, Halberd, Nekra, Shb.

How to play? Try to always play with a team, or at least one or two heroes, to fully unleash the power of Tag Team. Initiate via Blink + Walrus Punch and connect the Tag Team while close to the target.


Who showed? Dendi from ancient times, Zai during The Leipzig Major.

Why exactly on the bark? Quickly gaining level and basic items. Space for two greedy cores.

Swing: In the mid lane, we prefer Chilling Touch. Ult at 6th level. Vortex after leveling Cold Feet and Chilling Touch.

Offlane Maxim Cold Feet. We take Chilling Touch only at 2 and swing Vortex.


  • 10th level: mid – attack range, offlane – skill damage.
  • Level 15: mid – Vortex CD, offlane – regen.
  • Level 20: Chilling Touch Damage.
  • Level 25: AOE Cold Feet.


  • Mead – Orchid, Blink, Aeon Disk, Vail.
  • Offlane – Veil, Force, Glimmer, Eul, Aeon Disk.

How to play? In teamfights, we choose the safest position and use our skills from afar. The main thing is to hit with an ult on a large number of heroes.

Abaddon kerry

Who showed? Matumbaman, El Chacha and Papic

Why carry? The hero is able to live in fights for a very long time, so Radik inflicts huge damage on him. The passive scales from the Cuirass, increasing the team’s push potential.

Swing: Maxim passive, and then we finish off Aphotic Shield. It is better to always keep one skillpoint free for the first level of the ultimate.


  • Level 10: +8 Strength.
  • Level 15: +6 to armor.
  • Level 20: +80 Damage.
  • Level 25: Aphotic Shield Health.

How to play? After Radik appears, you are the main frontlaner of the team, so actively push buildings by passive and take the hit on yourself. If you’re playing with a strong mid lane, save the Shield for him.

Shaker for core position

Who showed? Recent games include Zai and Yang

Why core position? Fast Blink and Aghanim before the appearance of BKB from opponents.

Swing: The priority in pumping is passive, but it is taken only at the 3rd level, because it can be realized in full force only with pumped Fissure and Enchant Totem.


  • 10th level: +20 to base damage.
  • Level 15: no problems with survival – movspeed, yes – armor.
  • Level 20: Echo Slam Echo Damage +40.
  • Level 25: CD Enchant Totem.

Items: Travela, Aghanim, Blink, Eul, BKB.

How to play? Pace, tempo and more tempo. Due to the mobility from Blink and Aghanim, you must be the first to catch the enemy and keep him in the camp until the team approaches. In the early game, feel free to spend Echoes even on single targets to extend your chain stance. We will use Travel to release the lines, and Aghanim will speed up this process even more.

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