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Nicknames are one of the few ways esports players express themselves. Perhaps that is why in all the first interviews of players there is always a question about the meaning of the nickname. We have collected five of the most interesting and memorable nicknames.


At first glance, it seems that this is just a bunch of numbers. In fact, the American player Chiban Siwa encrypted the phrase “I love you forever” in them. Each digit is the number of characters in the word. By the way, he got married a year ago!

Chikiryau.I want a Tatar girl

Let’s just admit that the nickname of the former carry Winstrike is the only thing that the casual viewer remembers about Winstrike for the 2019/20 season.

Surely you wondered: where did the word “chikiryau” come from? According to the most widespread theory, the word “chikiryau” came from the Russian listeners’ misunderstanding of the quickly uttered phrase “check it out” in the song Black Eyed Peas. Honestly, Fergie definitely uses the sound “r”, it is not clear where it came from.

It is worth noting that Stanislav is the only professional player who uses a nickname in Cyrillic, while others either looked for inspiration in English or wrote Russian words in transliteration. Sometimes it turned out to be memno.


It is easy for us to understand that we have Old_Akulych in front of us. Now put yourself in the shoes of an English-speaking commentator trying to read THIS.

At the beginning of Afterlife with a new nickname, they called it “Akudzhilbefor”. Moral: Think about euphony when coming up with a character nickname. By the way, Vasily himself returned to the nickname Afterlife.


The legendary Chinese coach chose not just sonorous letters as his nickname. His nickname stands for Return of the King. This is exactly what the third part of “The Lord of the Rings” sounds like.

Agree, RotK in Dota can be attributed to Istari?


Like Rogjer, only Dodger! Seriously, a great sonorous nickname – even a pity that it belongs to a little-known Australian player.

Bonus: ice, iceice and iceiceice

No, this is not a tongue twister, but three different players from Asia. The first – Malay – played for Orange and Titan in 2012-2013. Overall – not the most famous player who retired at the end of 2016. The second and all the world champion in the Wings (now playing in tier-3 of China). The third, iceiceice, is known to almost all doters – one of the most shocking players in the world currently plays for Fnatic.

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