54th round of the Super League: “Hawks” take away a point


“Magnitogorsk” and “Avangard” drew, “Ak Bars” snatched the victory from “Chemist”, and “Dynamo” M beat the Cherepovets “Severstal”. AllHockey.Ru invites readers to take a ride on the ice arenas of Russia together with the columnist Ivan Dorozhkin …

The result that did not suit anyone

The central match of the next round, without any reservations, could be considered the “battle of the giants”, who took the third and second places, respectively. Magnitogorsk “Metallurg” received in its new Ice Palace with the prefix “super” the principal rival – “Omsk hawks”. Longtime “friends” of these teams. Still fresh memories of the game “Magnitogorsk” under the leadership of the current mentor of “Vanguard” Valery Belousov. Still lurking inside the fans and hockey players of “Metallurg” is the second round of the playoffs of last season, when the Ural club, which had quite unexpectedly gained a phenomenal move, was stopped by the “hawks”:

All this, of course, fueled the already serious interest in the match. Well, how can you forget about the standings! The second and third teams of the regular season played. And in parallel matches, “Ak Bars”, who played with “Chemist”, tried to increase the gap from “Vanguard”, and “Salavat Yulaev” did everything to get close to “Magnitogorsk”:

The very first minutes of the mast remained with the owners, as expected. Fomichev, who replaced Marakla at the gate, constantly felt the tension from the hockey players of “Metallurg”. But the first puck was not at the guests’ goal! It was Mikhail Yakutsenya from the transfer of Echmenev who plunged into a slight shock the rostrum of the Palace. But, did the fans have to despair, because on the new ice, “metallurgists” forge glasses regularly, and even losing during the match, they still do their job, and put in their pockets if not three points, then at least one …

In the first half, the guests, led by Fomichev, who played reliably, defended an acceptable result for themselves. But in the second twenty minutes, Rail Gusmanov decided to remind the guests “who is the boss in the house.” The forward of “Metallurg” first from behind the opponent’s goal gave an excellent pass to Kaigorodov, who just had to send the puck into the net precisely, which he did. And after a few minutes, Gusmanov himself upset Fomichev. It is noteworthy that this was the 100th goal for the hosts’ scorer since Rail plays for Magnitogorsk.

After the abandoned washers, the threads of the game passed to the hosts, who attacked more sharply and defended more reliably, even playing in the minority. Belousov’s wards were building a creative game, but all the aspirations to the goal of Travis Scott were smashed against the powerful defensive redoubts of Magnitka.

Not to say that in the third period the game went wrong with the hosts, and the guests started to get it in the opponent’s zone, but the puck still crawled into Scott’s goal. Precisely, that crawled. This happened after Bashkirov’s powerful throw. Scott did not cover the puck in time, which crossed the goal line on the smooth ice of the new excellent Ice Palace. 2: 2. There were still attempts to change the score on the scoreboard, but the result remained the same …

And in other arenas of the Super League, the previously mentioned “Ak Bars” and “Salavat” gained three points each. True, they did it in completely different conditions. If “Barsam”, to overcome the stalled “Chemist”, needed overtime, then the club from Ufa very easily defeated the Khabarovsk “Cupid” with a score 4: 0.

And in the first four without change, except that after the misfire of “Magnitogorsk” Ufa “Salavat” approached the coveted third place. Until “Magnitogorsk” – “within reach”, just one point.

“Dynamo” on takeoff?

Fighting for the eight strongest Cherepovets “Severstal” took Moscow “Dynamo” on its ice. The teams, by the way, have every chance to play with each other already in the first round of the “playoffs”.

The guests, who interrupted Loko’s unbeaten run under the leadership of Paul Gardner, began the match playing number two, deliberately giving the central zone to the Severstal hockey players. And this tactic bore fruit already in the fifth minute of the meeting. Playing in the majority, the guests were able to competently take advantage of the given advantage, and Denis Kulyash with a powerful throw forced the hosts’ goalkeeper Mark Lamotte, who was closed by “Dynamo” Shakhraichuk, and, accordingly, did not see the moment of the throw. And Kulyash’s shot is excellent, which he once again demonstrated. But that was only the beginning of the performance.

Angry Cherepovets club rushed to recoup, arranging “bombardment” of the gate of Zvyagin. That, however, reflected the throws for the time being, but the goalkeeper of the guests could not do anything with the reactive pair of forwards Soin – Trubachev. Jet Soin burst into the Dynamo area, passed Trubachev, who only had to hit the empty corner of the goal. Which he did brilliantly. 1: 1.

Two minutes passed, and the Severstal players were again punished for missed opportunities in the attack and for a very inattentive play in defense. Mirnov distinguished himself. And again the guests scored in the majority!

But at the very end of the first period, the hosts were able to recoup again – the assault on the gate of “Dynamo” ended with a biting and accurate shot close to the bar by Yakubov. Zvyagin was powerless. 2: 2. Very entertaining hockey.

At the beginning of the second period, the situation became very similar to the first segment of the match. The hosts, “headlong” attacked, did not convert the chances, playing, by the way, in the numerical majority. For which they paid. And again, “Dynamo” did not show anything beyond inventive in the attack. Just a competent location in a foreign zone, accurate distribution, a good implementation of the opportunities provided … And Shitikov “shot” the gate of Mark Lamotte from several meters. 2: 3.

In the middle of the period, the guests scored another goal. True, the referee, using the video replay, did not count it. But after this episode, “Dynamo” did not get lost, and after a while Romanov caught the reckless owners on a counterattack and made the score 2: 4. Moreover, the guests played in the minority! Much became clear …

And the final score was set in the 6th minute of the third period by Zaripov. 2: 5. And after two important victories, “blue and white” gained a very, very decent move. And the most important thing is that Dynamo finally started to get a competent attacking game. And with such a game and in the “playoffs” it is not a shame to appear …

From other matches, one can single out a major victory of “Siberia” over the distressed “Wings of the Soviets”, a confident and presumed victory of “Lokomotiv”, walking with an “iron tread” under the new head coach.

Super League. 54th round

Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl) – SKA (St. Petersburg) – 5: 3 (0: 1, 2: 1, 3: 1)

HC MVD (Moscow Region) – Vityaz (Chekhov) – 4: 3 OT (1: 2, 0: 1, 2: 0, 1: 0)

CSKA (Moscow) – Metallurg (Novokuznetsk) – 3: 1 (0: 0, 1: 0, 2: 1)

Severstal (Cherepovets) – Dynamo (Moscow) – 2: 5 (2: 2, 0: 2, 0: 1)

“Chemist” (Moscow Region) – “Ak Bars” (Kazan) – 4: 5 OT (1: 0, 1: 2, 2: 3)

Neftekhimik (Nizhnekamsk) – Traktor (Chelyabinsk) – 3: 2 OT (0: 1, 1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 0)

Siberia (Novosibirsk) – Wings of the Soviets (Moscow) – 8: 2 (3: 1, 3: 0, 2: 1)

Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) – Avangard (Omsk) – 2: 2 (0: 1, 2: 0, 0: 1)

Salavat Yulaev (Ufa) – Amur (Khabarovsk) – 4: 0 (2: 0, 1: 0, 1: 0)

Tournament table after 54 rounds:

 М   Команда          И  В ВО  Н ПО  П  Шайбы  Оч

1 "Ак Барс" 50 32 3 7 1 7 191-104 107

2 "Авангард" 50 30 3 6 1 10 161-116 103

3 "Металлург" Мг 49 28 2 6 1 12 133-88 95

4 "Салават Юлаев" 49 27 0 12 1 9 139-99 94

5 "Локомотив" 50 23 2 7 1 17 135-122 81

6 "Сибирь" 49 23 2 4 2 18 134-127 79

7 "Химик" МО 49 24 0 5 1 19 134-113 78

8 "Северсталь" 50 23 2 3 1 21 128-125 77

9 ЦСКА 49 24 0 4 1 20 140-130 77

10 "Динамо" 49 20 1 5 2 21 132-128 69

11 "Лада" 49 19 2 6 1 21 109-113 68

12 ХК МВД 49 18 4 1 2 24 134-152 65

13 "Нефтехимик" 49 17 2 7 1 22 112-118 63

14 СКА 49 17 1 6 2 23 129-144 61

15 "Металлург" Нк 49 11 6 9 2 21 97-127 56

16 "Витязь" 49 15 1 4 5 24 116-138 56

17 "Трактор" 49 11 2 10 2 24 93-126 49

18 "Амур" 49 9 1 8 3 28 84-134 40

19 "Крылья Советов" 50 5 1 4 5 35 99-196 26

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