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Not all skills are created equal.

During the existence of Dota, many skills have been reworked or completely changed. Some of them were too strong, others – on the contrary, almost useless. We have selected 7 skills in the history of Dota, which were taken last, because they were almost useless.

Windranger – shackleshot

Since patch 6.86, Shackle’s link angle is 23 ° and range is 575. This is a stun that doesn’t work, so players have been swinging through Powershot and Windrun for a long time. If you are strong in geometry, then maybe you can do something. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Tusk – Frozen Sigil

Skill, which was later replaced by Tag Team. This ability allowed Tusk to summon a ward that slowed movement speed by 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% and attack speed by 30/40/50/60 opponents in a 600 radius. At the same time, he was slow and clumsy, and the enemy received 90/100/110/120 gold for killing him. More often than not, the ward was only used to provide an overview of the Roshpit.

Doom – LVL? Death

A skill with very strange mechanics. Damage LVL? Death depended on the enemy’s level, inflicting base 125/175/225/275 damage and 275 additional damage if the enemy’s level is a multiple of 6/5/4/3. In fact, the skill was not weak at all – it knocked down Link and the teleport, caused a lot of damage, but no one pumped it, because they simply did not know how to use it – the players did not check the level of the enemy and used it just like that.

Gyrocopter – Homing Missile

Rocket Gyrocopter no one took – still, because in DotA you could download plus signs, and Giro has weak stats. Now the rocket is not ignored, but initially it did not work on invisible units, the castrange was only 900, and the stun lasted 0.5 seconds less. At the same time, she did 100 less damage, flew for ages and broke in three hits. Icefrog really wanted the racket to be taken and constantly buffed it. At some point, it took 5 hits to destroy it, it did 500 damage and stunned for 3 seconds. There were also meme attempts to kick the rocket. For example, in patch 6.83, Force Staff began to act on it.

Anti-Mage – Mana Void up to 6.80

Earlier Ultimate Antimage was much weaker. Until 2014 and patch 6.80, the Void’s mana radius was only 325. In two patches in a row, he was upgraded to 500 units. Burning cuts Alliance at TI3 without using the ultimate because it is useless.

Spirit Breaker – Empowering Haste

In patch 7.20, this ability was changed to Bulldoze. And for a reason – a passive that gave an aura for an additional 4% / 6% / 8% / 10% movement speed to allies within a 900 radius and an 8% / 12% / 16% / 20% bonus to yourself Baratrum was useless to say the least. Another 3% / 4% / 5% / 6% to the movement speed could be obtained upon activation, but Bara is already quite a mobile hero at the expense of Chard, and allies were almost never within a radius of 900 from the cow that was running between the lines.

Drow Ranger – Silence

In patch 6.80, Icefrog realized that exactly the same silence as Banshee’s is not the best skill for Tracks… They could have taken him in one, but usually the advantages were rocked, because Silence did not help to survive and make an impact. If the enemy managed to get to Traksa, then her ultimatum passive was turned off and the silence did not help at all.

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