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Scary, cut it out.

In search of thrills, some gamers dive into the horror atmosphere. Nothing scares as well as horror games – in horror movies you are limited by the camera frame, but in the game you have to experience everything together with your character.

We’ve collected 7 horror game moments that give you goosebumps.

Alan Wake Bulldozer Fight

Remedy created a unique psychological thriller in 2010 – it’s a shame that Alan Wake didn’t become so popular, because the game deserves it. In what other game will the protagonist fight the villain with a flashlight? But sending the bad guys to the next world with the help of light magic is one thing, but fighting a rogue bulldozer, thirsty for blood, is another matter.

Nobody expected that during this fight someone would fight not only with a bulldozer, but also with the internal problems of the main character, writer Alan Wake. Even though it sounds ridiculous, the moment is really scary – Remedy, how did you come up with that?

Meet Maine Bat in Batman: Arkham Kinght

While flying around Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight, you really feel like a superhero – Rocksteady did an excellent job with this. Batman was the only superhero bat, at least until he met Dr. Kirk Langstrom. He was looking for a cure for deafness, but it turned test subjects into mutant bats – and this is not all sacrifice in the name of science. When the agent was stolen and sprayed over Gotham, he created an antidote and tested it on himself – this is how he turned into an anthropomorphic bat.

It is impossible to prepare for a meeting with him – in the most ordinary journey from point to point, Maine Bat will meet Batman on one of the rooftops and growl. The game itself is scary and gloomy – and this moment is one of the scariest.

Talking Fruit in PT

It’s not quite a stand-alone game – PT (Playable Teaser) was a teaser for a canceled Silent Hill game from Kojima and directed by Guillermo del Toro. The player found himself in a looped eerie corridor that changed with each circle.

The sickening fear that comes from playing PT is caused by the fact that each time something worse awaits us than what we have already seen in other rooms. Gamers don’t expect to see an unborn fruit with a hoarse voice in a shell – and that’s not the nastiest thing a Genius could come up with. If you look closely, you can understand that the child’s voice (if you can call it a child) does not come from the mouth – the lips of the fetus do not move. This scene will scare even the most ferocious horror fan.

Needle in Isaac’s Eye in Dead Space

The Dead Space games have an unbearably eerie atmosphere – and this is not even a horror, but an action. The players’ self-doubt is added by the fact that we are not playing as a superhero or imba soldier, but as a simple engineer Isaac Clark.

This moment is exactly what you dreamed in nightmares after passing. Isaac climbs into the Noon Tech diagnostic machine, which is needed to read the memory. We are not waiting for the most pleasant moments – we will have to carry out the operation on ourselves, having stuck a needle into the eye. If you miss, then a monstrous death awaits him – the player must hit exactly the pupil so that he does not turn half of his face. Moreover, the needle itself should not move quickly, because Isaac will get nervous, which will also lead to death.

Lee cuts off his arm in TWD

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is all about constant choices where you can’t get it right. At one of these moments, it is proposed to cut off the main character’s hand after being bitten by an infected person.

You have freedom of choice, or rather, its illusion – at this moment we already understand that Lee (that is the name of the hero) is likely to die if you do not do this. But he was bitten a long time ago, so the infection must have spread throughout the body, and Lee even faints, so you can leave the limb alone. One way or another, the developers will not leave him a chance of survival, and the player, if he decides to leave his hand, will have to look at touching scene goodbye to Lee.

Twins in Outlast

For frightening moments in Outlast, you can make a separate selection: it would include simple NPCs watching white noise on a bloody telly (and a man who jumped out of the stroller right after that), cut off fingers, a certain “groom” and a hundred more screenshots with carefully laid out in unexpected corpses, whose death was clearly slow and painful.

At one point, two naked men begin to follow the player. They talk and seem normal – well, as far as you can consider such people in the hospital. Meeting with them is very unnerving, because from their dialogue it becomes clear that they are cannibals and are going to eat the main character. One of the brothers says that he will kill the protagonist slowly, and the second adds: “I want his tongue and liver.”

Dentist’s office at Bioshock

Bioshock is not horror, but some moments will definitely lead you to a quiet mate and heavy breathing. When you find yourself in the dentist’s office with a corpse lying on a chair, you will surely regain the forgotten childhood fear of the doctor’s office. What happens next will only strengthen it – when you pick up the thing you need from the shelf and turn around to leave, you will see the dentist right behind you, and he clearly does not look friendly. It seems that this is not a banal stupid screamer, but the feeling of panic will haunt you for a long time.

What moment scared you? Let us know in the comments.


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