A beautiful Belarusian woman drives a fizukhoi at Dynamo St. Petersburg. For such a coach, hockey players are clearly ready to plow – Girl of the day – Blogs



Did you know that there is a Belarusian coaching staff working in the hockey St. Petersburg Dynamo, which plays in the VHL? The head coach is Eduard Zankovets, and his son Vladislav and 32-year-old pupil of Yunost Sergey Gromov help him. But the most curious is the position of a physical training coach – it is occupied by Darina Bylina. Moreover, for a Belarusian this is not the first experience as a hockey coach – before that she worked in the same role in Mogilev.

Now, under her supervision, the hockey players of the St. Petersburg club are working. And it seems that Darina is watching her wards very closely.

But still, under the guidance of such a trainer, it is much more pleasant to endure any load šŸ™‚

By the way, there is a feeling that the Belarusian woman could well work as an assistant and for a coach responsible for training goalkeepers. At least the ammunition of the gate guard definitely suits her.

And Darina could also train the skills of tough guys in hockey players. At least this photo clearly hints at such an option.

So hockey is clearly not the only sport that Darina likes. In addition to formidable photo sessions in boxing gloves, she is not at all opposed to popping into the football arena – for example, in Borisov.

However, you shouldn’t be confined to sports! Darina is perfect as formal suits …

… and beach images (yes, without them anywhere) šŸ˜‰

We like St. Petersburg “Dynamo” for such a staffing of the coaching staff!

Photo: Darina’s VK pages


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