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Clockwerk – an aggressive hero for the fourth position, who can be attributed to the champions with a low entry threshold, but only true masters of tin kung fu can reveal his full potential. I did not dare to write about the macro-aspects, because they depend on the understanding of the game, and I have it at the level of “a year ago I trained some kind of shooting-27 team for fun.” My task is to provide a set of mechanics and their understanding that you can superimpose on your personal experience to become the most formidable tin of your area.

Happy reading!

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Clockwerk’s abilities

Battery assault

The first skill is our main damage, which we can give on a single target, namely 320/720/1120/1520 magic. Consider that the base resistance is 25%, which means ~ the final damage for the opponent without additional protection from magic: 240/540/840/1140… Incredibly huge numbers, but there is one caveat.

In order to inflict all the damage, we need to lick the enemy within a radius of 275 for 10.5 seconds, preventing him from reaching allies and creeps that will share the damage and microstones with him, or a tower, under which we do not need to climb for no particular reason.

Power cogs

We call on 8 charged gears that surround Clockwerk and all those who unfortunately happened to be near him:

The cog strikes the first creature that comes closer than 185 units from the outside. Each small fry can deal only one blow, but it knocks the creature back at a distance of 300 at a speed of 300 units per second, and also burns out mana in addition to hp.

Rocket flare

We release a signal flare at any point on the map, which, at the end of the flight, deals a little damage 80/120/160/200 and gives vision for 8 seconds. The rocket flies at a speed of 2250, but how to remember how many seconds it will fly from the center to the top line, etc:

  • Experience. After three dozen attempts, you begin to understand the approximate time that the rocket will take. And we don’t need high time accuracy;
  • If you are a beginner, you might find this minimap useful:

On it, each of the circles shows the number of seconds that the rocket will fly.

And now the quiz:

The level 20 talent says “Rocket Flare Reveals Invisibility.” Which of these the upgraded rocket will not detect:

  1. Riki in invisible;
  2. Enchanted Treant Protector;
  3. Techies mines;
  4. The fact that half of the summer has already passed;
  5. Techies mines with Aghanim under the sign.

Write your options right now in the comments, and the answer will be at the end!


Allows you to release a hook in the specified direction for 2000/2500/3000, stunning the target and everyone in a 175 radius for 1.5 / 1.75, / 2 seconds and deal 75/175/275.

Initially, the ability icon looked like this:


The ability, which opens with the purchase of Aghanim, resets the cooldown of all abilities and temporarily speeds up movement (40%) and attack (+200). After the effect ends (8 seconds), stuns the wearer for 4 seconds.


  • The talent at level 10 is chosen based on the amount of physical damage of the opponents, there is nothing imbecile here. Together we can miss the +200 to mana that Clockwerk received in patches 7.0.0 – 7.0.7;
  • The level 15 talent forces us to make a more difficult choice between 1900 magic damage from batteries and +1 attacks to destroy kogs. In my understanding, Clockwerk is a utility character whose task is to break the position of the opponent, separating the champions of the opponent’s second lane from the frontline, so that they cannot bring significant benefits. Therefore, I prefer an extra hit on the Power Cogs;
  • The level 20 talent must be chosen with heart, both talents are weak and will almost never play a key role. The right talent can find wards;
  • The level 25 left talent. Of course, if you have already bought BKB, issued a Pipe on top, and you are still being killed with magic, then, theoretically, taking resistance to magic would be a good idea. However, thanks to the left talent, you increase the number of ticks from 16 to 24 (damage too), cancel the animation of attacks / abilities more often, and the BKB of enemies to level 25 is usually already 5 seconds, which means our ability becomes even more dangerous.

Clockwerk builds

We almost always take Batteries at level 1 and pump them to level 7. An exception can be considered the study of Power Cogs at the 1st level in the following cases:

  • There is a serious danger of death for you or your allies (save, pushing the opponent away from yourself and your comrade with the gears);
  • You have a deliberately weak line, which cannot at all become aggressive (we will shoot);
  • You were sent to start a hard lane in solo (block creeps);

I play 4th position Clockwerk, so I will briefly tell you what items and why I take:

  • At the beginning of the game I buy Boots of Speed ​​and Tango. Speed ​​is our everything, we want to close the distance in order to grab the opponent with the first ability. And also boots allow us to become ubiquitous, creating a potential danger for couriers, possible pools, exits to the center, etc .;
  • Young Ganker’s Pack: Tranquil boots, Magic Stick, Urn of shadows. +70 to speed, the ability to restore HP, charged from constant conflicts of the Stick, as well as an additional 200 damage from the Urn. All this makes us a mobile, high-speed and aggressive hero, whose task is to find the opponent’s vulnerabilities and punish them;
  • Spirit Vessel allows you to more successfully focus the hero. In this item, I like the bonus to health, and the additional manaregen, as well as small +2 to attributes and armor. Try not to empty the urn, because at the right time the necessary charge may simply not be available;
  • Blade Mail. We miss the intelligence bonus a bit, as Clockwerk has serious mana issues. Spiked Carapace looks great on melee enforcer, allowing damage recovery;
  • Force Staff. One of Clockwerk’s vulnerabilities is in the hands of the enemy, and our inventory is powerful too. We can also initiate with him, save allies, and also continue the pursuit of the target that was pushed out of your Cogs.
  • Pipe, Halberd, Lotus, Ghost Scepter, etc. There are too many options and for each game choose what the team needs, sometimes it is worth skipping items from the previous three. It’s impossible to predict everything, just think; p

Ancient tokens in the defense of the Ancients

Power cogs

We can push the creature a little with our claws if it is in the radius of their appearance. This allows us to:

  • Sell ​​via Disruptor’s Kinetic Field:

  • Break Pounce from Slark;
  • Raise an ally from the river to xg;
  • Knocked out of Sprout by Nature Prophet;
  • Migrate via Earthshaker’s Fissure:

Minute of sadness

Power Cogs and blocking forest camps

With the help of the power gears, we can block both forest camps, to which the creeps on the bottom lane are displayed:

Yes, these millimeters are enough, and neutral creeps do not appear. Personally, I focus on the crystal on the left, but in a couple of minutes in the lobby everyone will succeed!

Power cogs give an overview

Sometimes it is useful to place your kogi so that one of them appears at xg, giving vision in a small radius:

And the coolest it looks in the forests at the edge of the map, where the opponent can hide behind every pine tree:

Increasing the chances of finishing off creeps with Rocket Flare

When our lane kill potential goes to zero, we focus on farming. And to increase the chances of finishing off a ranged creep along with Rocket Flare, watch the following video:

What’s the difference? Let’s see the battle log:

  • In the first case, we used a rocket so that it exploded instantly, opening a gap for our opponents between the damage from the rocket and from the blow from the hand in ~ 0.4 seconds;
  • In the second case, we chose the longest distance that the rocket can fly while still damaging Bane, who plays the role of the creep mage. During the flight, the attack animation begins to play. The time between damage is reduced several times, and our chances of finishing off a creep are increased

Bullet on the line

If we are stronger, then we try to catch the moment when enemy heroes are vulnerable:

  • Is the solo support going to withdraw? An excellent excuse to smash his face with your batteries;
  • Did the solo support take it away? This is a pub, try to either kill neutrals as quickly as possible, returning the creeps back to the lane, or conduct aggression on the enemy core, which was left in the lane without support and without creeps. Remember that you can safely go under a tower with creeps and deal damage to an enemy champion from batteries if you don’t right click on him. Otherwise, the tower will start attacking you, not creeps.

Consider a less rosy situation, what to do if you have already been gagged several times in the top and it is impossible to stand on the line:

We get full experience and gold from the pack, and the opponent loses it.

Knowledge check. Arrange the benefits and gold received by the Gyrocopter if it leads an enemy wave of creeps along each path, in ascending order (from worst to best):

Here is my opinion:

  1. Worst solution. The wave of creeps takes damage from the tower, dies quickly, the line will run towards the light, who only want this, because they are in a weaker position;
  2. An acceptable option. We mirror the actions of our opponents. The creep wave only takes damage from allied minions. As a result, we similarly deprive the opponent of all experience and gold from one pack, and the line returns to its original state;
  3. The most profitable option for the bark. For killing a wave of creeps, we get about 170 gold, and if we farm a forest camp, we can safely add another ~ 100. Thus, increasing the difference in experience and gold, however, the line will be launched again.

What do you think? Write in the comments!

PS Sneyking deprived Gyrocopter of the 3rd option by blocking the camp with his carcass, which means that Yawar on the Helicopter had no choice.

Block of the first pack of creeps

If the lane is heavy or we were sent to solohard, then with the help of Power Cogs it is possible to significantly slow down the creeps, locking them in gears:

It turns out even for me, which means it’s elementary to do it!

Hookshot and predates

We can use items during the hookshot. We can stun with a hook without being pulled to the enemy:

You just need to press Force staff or Eul during the flight. Have I needed this at least once in 7 years? No, but now you also know this useless information.

Answer to the quiz

  1. Riki in invisible; YES, will detect
  2. Treant Protector Trees; NO, will not detect
  3. Techies mines; YES, will detect
  4. Half of the summer has already passed; Eh, sad somehow
  5. Techies mines with Aghanim under the sign. NO, will not detect

Finally about the hookshot

The last important and used basic feature. In a match against an opponent who doesn’t care that he ends up in cogs, the best solution would be to extend control over him by 1 second, pushing him 300 units towards his allies:

At the end of the stun from the hookshot, extend it for a second with kogs. Simple and effective!


Clockwerk is an extraordinary hero with the ability to create beauty in every game. I hope you learned today some new mechanics, letters, from which you yourself need to make the word “Victory”. The main thing is that I do not give you the letters “A”, “P”, “O”, “Zh”, otherwise several hours will fly by in vain. ; D

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Thanks for your attention

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