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The peak online of only one of the games is higher than Dota.

If you have younger siblings or even kids of your own, you’ve probably heard of Roblox. This is an online platform that allows you to create your own games – simulators, platformers, races, and in general, whatever you have to imagine. The platform has its own currency – robaxes or R $, for which you can buy in-game content. The cost of one robax is about a penny, but they can be earned not only through microtransactions and withdrawn into real money. Imagine a huge unified community of developers where anyone can create a game and immediately receive money from it.

But Roblox CEO David Bazuki is aiming even higher. His plans include a single economy for all these games. A universe of interconnected worlds, as in Avalanche (Sports.ru: Neil Stevenson’s popular cyberpunk novel) or Ready Player One. Bazooka wants to equip it in such a way that it is beneficial to everyone: the company, developers and players. To do this, they focused on UGC – user-generated content.

Roblox has over 150 million monthly active users… Compared to other popular games, Minecraft is 18 million behind – they have 132 million.When users spend robaxes, the company shares revenue with developers – and this spring, the company added the ability to earn money on how much time users with premium by subscription.

Roblox Developer Community aims to earn more than $ 250 million this year – compared to the $ 110 million they earned in the past. Thanks to the Premium Payouts system launched in June, the Roblox developers earned $ 2 million – they were paid for the time gamers spent in their game. More than 345 thousand developers are already monetizing content.

“We have 50 million more users than we had last year – a significant jump for the total number of platform users,” explains Craig Donato, Business Director of Roblox. “Last fall, we updated our monthly subscription system and renamed it Premium. The launch of Premium Payouts this spring motivated developers even more: now they get paid for being involved in their game“.

One of the most popular games on the platform – Adopt me! – played more than 10 billion times, its record is 1.6 million users online simultaneously. Piggy, which was released in January, has 5 billion players played, and Jailbreak has gathered 500 thousand people online at the same time. Yes, these are not AAA projects with ads everywhere, but this result is surprisingly good: for example, at the time of this writing, 760 thousand people are playing CS: GO at the same time, and 450 thousand are playing Dota. And even the peak online Dota (about 1.3 million) will give way to Adopt me! at the peak.

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