Admire Ben Affleck’s new girlfriend!


The summer of 2018 turned out to be hot for actor Ben Affleck, and not in the best sense of the word. For starters, he broke up with his last girlfriend, the producer of Saturday Night Live.

The breakup affected the actor so badly that his ex-wife and mother of his three children, Jennifer Garner, had to take Affleck to a rehabilitation center. Further worse: the matter was not limited to one visit, and in August the actor gave up for rehabilitation three times. And every time with feasible (one might even say, violent) help from Jennifer.

But it was this summer in Affleck’s life and a bright spot: in between rehab, he met veterinary paramedic and Playboy model Shauna Sexton. True, not everyone believes that acquaintance will benefit Affleck. They say that in the treatment of alcoholism, new acquaintances are contraindicated, and Sean by his appearance alone can shake the already not very stable sobriety of the actor.

In the meantime, the spiteful critics grumble, the intrigue with the veterinary paramedic turns into a serious hobby: on September 10, the paparazzi caught Sean, who was leaving the rehabilitation center where Affleck is being treated. According to eyewitnesses (apparently modestly hiding in the bushes), Shona spent about four hours with the actor.

We don’t know what the future holds for Affleck and Miss Sexton’s relationship. But we are sure of one thing: if all veterinary paramedics looked like Shauna, every man on the planet would have a cat.

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