“Admit that I am one of the best defenders in the world, and don’t be silly.” Lovren’s quote about his own greatness – About the spirit of the times – Blogs


Zenit bought central defender Dejan Lovren from Liverpool.

• Lovren is 31 and has a 3-year contract with Zenit.

• Judging by the inside information, the Croatian was paid from 8.5 to 12 million euros.

• Lovren has been at Liverpool since 2014: he is the 2019 Champions League and 2020 Premier League winner and the 2018 World Cup silver medalist.

A very bright footballer is going to Zenit. Dejan Lovren – not only close friend Salah and important defender for Jurgen Klopp, but also a man who does not give himself up. Below are his words about his own place in world football. Enjoy.

All about Lovren’s transition to Sports.ru:

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