Alexey Morozov: I didn’t think about the record


The seemingly eternal performance record set in the 1980-1981 season by the legendary CSKA and USSR national team striker Sergei Makarov lasted 26 years: 79 points (42 goals scored plus 37 assists). And last Tuesday on the ice of the Kazan Tatneft-Arena the record was broken. The captain of “Ak Barsa” did it Alexey Morozov in a match with Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Now the record figure is 81 points (33 plus 48).

Morozov made an assist to Vitaly Proshkin when he scored in the 18th minute (1: 1), and in the 55th minute the host captain himself scored a goal against Metallurg (6: 2). Recall that the result of Makarov Morozov repeated in the previous round in the match with “Chemist”, but the new achievement was established in front of the audience. Our conversation with Alexei began even before the game against Metallurg and continued after the completion of the historic match.

– Alexey, have you seen Sergei Makarov in action?

– Only on TV (Morozov was born in 1977, when Makarov was already considered one of the most talented young strikers in Soviet hockey. – SG). But there were still a lot of impressions.

– Does the hype around your record performance prevent you from focusing on the actual game?

– I try not to pay attention to such things.

– Do you think that the game of your link in Ak Bars approaches in its level the game of the famous Larionov five in CSKA and the USSR national team, where Sergey Makarov shone?

– We are still far from them. I don’t know if we will ever be able to climb to such a height.

– Is your record streak and a correspondence dispute with Sergei Makarov somehow discussed in the team?

– Sure. The guys joke all the time and at the same time cheer them up – they read all the newspapers and are aware of the current events.

– Are your partners ready to help you get the next points on the ice?

– Sure. After all, we play in one team, which means that we all have the same goal …

– When you made a pass to Proshkin and he finished off the puck into the net, nothing trembled inside you – after all, Sergei Makarov’s “eternal” record fell?

– No, it didn’t flinch. First, it was necessary to wait for the referee’s reaction – whether he would count the goal of Metallurg …

– But after the sixth goal against the guests already in your performance, the emotions were probably stronger?

– Not. I was just glad that I scored and that the team made such a serious move against one of the main competitors in the championship. Together with my partners, I felt a great confidence in my abilities.

– From what, in that case, did you get more satisfaction – from your record or from the victory over “Magnitka”?

– Of course, from a victory over an opponent. Now we have even more detached from our pursuers. “Ak Bars” intends to keep the first place at the end of the regular season by all means.

– If you played in the other five, do you think you would be able to score so many points?

– We have been together for several years now and therefore we perfectly understand each other, and with new partners we would have to search for a common language in a new way. So it is not known how everything would have turned out in a different combination …

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