All 37 models to compete in the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show


The Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand has long and clearly occupied the place of a beauty monopolist for a long time: the most beautiful models of the world participate in Victoria’s Secret advertising campaigns, and the annual show is not just a tribute to fashion, but a full-fledged show with fireworks, musicians and, of course, gorgeous girls in the lower linen.

It is not surprising that the Victoria’s Secret show is expected not only by the fashion industry and lingerie customers, but also by us, ordinary men, who are eager to see this kind of spectacle. Well, since you need to wait for the 2018 show for two more months (it will take place in November, where it is not yet known), we bring to your attention a selection of photographs of every single model (well, except for the “angels” – brand ambassadors who participate in the show every year) who will take part in it. With names and without clothes! Happy viewing.

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