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Did you confess your love with a boot?

“No thanks, I’m happy in a relationship” – this was the first German phrase that Bastian Schweinsteiger, world champion and owner of almost all football titles, taught his girlfriend Anu Ivanovich, the owner of the “Slam” and the former first racket of the world. Bastian and Ana were then going to Munich, where he played for Bayern, and he told her to answer in a learned expression to anyone who turns to her.

Ivanovich told this story with a laugh in a fresh Amazon documentary about Schweinsteiger – now her husband and the father of her children. They live in the United States, a country whose current president once named Ivanovich is the most beautiful woman in his memory and in which they were first seen together.

We met through friends, then she threw him a douche challenge, he confessed his love on the boot

This happened in the fall of 2014, when Ivanovic returned to the world top ten for the first time in five years, and Schweinsteiger was recovering from the victorious world championship. The athletes were noticed holding hands while walking around New York after Ivanovich’s failure at the US Open (in the second round she lost to Karolina Plishkova, who in two years will reach the final there, and three years later will become the first racket of the world). The next day, the German Bild came out with their front page photo, not too gracefully tweeting the discovery:

Presumably, Ana and Bastian met through tennis player Andrea Petkovic, although none of them has ever confirmed this. It is only known that at the World Championships in Brazil, 29-year-old Schweinsteiger was still accompanied by a friend Sara Brandner, with whom they have been together since the mid-2000s, and at the end of July, 26-year-old Ivanovich already passed the Ice Bucket Challenge baton to him (accepted):

Ivanovich, who never dropped the status of the top beauty in world sports (as opposed to the status of a top tennis player), before Schweinsteiger had several affairs with public men: at the end of the 2000s with tennis player Fernando Verdasco, in the early 2010s with golfer Adam Scott ; She was also credited with a relationship with Novak Djokovic’s sparring Mark Stillitano and basketball player Ivan Paunich. But after in 2008 21-year-old Ivanovich made the classic mistake of loving youth – she proclaimed them with Verdasco perfect couple – it seems that she never spoke about personal again. “I have always liked people like Meryl Streep, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively: who, despite their publicity, leave private life private and show dignity and respect in everything,” the matured Ana said later.

Silence surrounded a new romance: by the end of September, the lovers allegedly broke up, and Schweinsteiger returned to Brandner, but in November it was as if bribed the paparazzito quietly attend Ivanovic’s birthday in Belgrade. A couple of months later, Bastian accompanied Ana to Melbourne at the Australian Open (lost in the first round), and then nevertheless issued a semblance of confirmation – tacit, but eloquent: at the Bayern training camp in Qatar, he appeared in boots with the Serbian flag, numbers 7/31 and the word dušo is a transliteration of Serbian “dear”.

In February, Ivanovich held in Munich costume party for Bayern players (pictured Ana and Bastian with Robert and Anna Lewandowski) A few weeks later, the footballer’s representatives got tired of fighting off questions about the affair and reported: “We usually do not comment on Bastian’s personal life, but he is really in a stable relationship with Ana Ivanovich.”

Until the end of the summer, Bastian made his debut on the English grass, not only in football – for Manchester United – but also in tennis. He rooted for Ana in the British summer tournaments, where they came from Roland Garros. In Paris, Schweinsteiger first supported Ana from her box, and for the first time since the victorious 2008, she reached the semifinals of Slam. Many media outlets then condescendingly wrote that this was probably because he helped her with advice (and not because, of course, her forehand was flying then, as in 2008).

Ivanovic with the team and Schweinsteiger celebrates reaching the semifinals of Roland Garros -2015

That same summer, athletes like they were looking for a house in Cheshire – all the more so Ivanovich’s team then consisted entirely of British. The following spring, while Schweinsteiger and Manchester United’s expectations of each other were not met, his involvement in the career of his beloved was already irritating his colleagues. “Several veterans of the team”, having seen Bastian at Ana’s matches in Miami and Madrid, allegedly “in very intelligible terms” explained to him, how out of place his travels to tennis tournaments during his alleged rehab after injury look.

Wedding in one cheap and one very expensive dress

The first rumors about the wedding of Schweinsteiger and Ivanovich appeared in the spring of 2015, when they had not been together for a year. The athletes were allegedly seen in a jewelry store, and then the mythical “modest ceremony in the circle of several relatives and friends” arose. When Ivanovich was asked on the eve of Roland Garros if she was really married, she joked: “Come on, you don’t think my parents would have allowed this.”

The first joint appearance of Ivanovich and Schweinsteiger – a party in front of Wimbledon -2015

The further, however, the more obvious it became that Anu and her $ 16 million fortune could not be bothered by her parents. At the beginning of 2016, Ivanovich’s friend and Schweinsteiger’s compatriot Angelique Kerber suddenly won the Australian Open and to celebrate blabbed out: “They sent me a photo with congratulations. They are very good. I look forward to their wedding. ” A little later, Ana’s grandmother read somewhere that her granddaughter was pregnant and called her to find out if it was true (“I hope this rumor did not appear because someone thought that I had gained weight!” – honed Ana’s reaction).

On July 13, 2016, the wedding did take place, and it was anything but modest: tennis and football crème de la crème gathered in Venice. On the first day, however, those of us who were not familiar with the holiday plan were a little surprised: the star couple limited themselves to a quick civil ceremony in the local town hall of the 16th century (costs from 600 to 3,500 euros, depending on the date and citizenship), and the bride was in an unassuming, albeit wonderful $ 300 dress:

Everything fell into place the next day: the newlyweds held a second – magnificent – ceremony in the building of the former church of the Misericordia Abbey in Cannaregio. The bride’s hair was in her hair, and Suzie Turner’s dress was worth at least $ 100,000:

House with pear candles in Chicago, dacha in Spain, sports – to strengthen the family

Within a year after the wedding, Ivanovich became a permanent heroine of German Vogue and ended her career (relatively suddenly: in the fall she said that she was planning to play, and in December she said goodbye through Facebook), and Schweinsteiger finished European football and moved to MLS.

The couple moved to Chicago in the spring of 2017 and, by expression The New York Times, “Made the city her own in just a few months.” Their Instagram accounts (where they stopped hiding and retrained themselves into each other’s most ardent fans) “became a public chronicle of their study and development of Chicago, whether it be against the backdrop of skyscrapers, on the lakeside with the city skyline behind them, or in the midst of another gastronomic experience” (from Some of their trips to the matches of local teams can create a whole gallery).

In the United States, they enjoyed the relative anonymity that they lacked in Europe, and while Schweinsteiger was pulling Chicago off the bottom of the league and doing very American fashion shows (pictured above in Banana Republic), Ivanovich talked about how she “wakes up without an alarm, goes in a coffee shop next door and spends time with her husband. “I no longer live out of a suitcase; I sleep in the same bed surrounded by my favorite Jo Malone pear candles. This is the first time I have my own place to live, ”she developed another topic that was painful for tennis players.

In the spring of 2018, the couple had their first-born Luka (pictured), and a year and a half later – Leon (Ivanovich reported on both pregnancies rows of adidas sneakers, with whom she has a life-long contract). Exactly between the sons Ana and Bastian starred for the anniversary issue of Vogue Germany (got on one of the two covers; on the second – Kerber). A couple in Mallorca, where they have a summer house, was filmed by the world’s main glossy photographer, his Lordship Alexi Lubomirsky (filmed Sharapova, Serena and the wedding of Harry and Megan).

In the material, the spouses, as always, were very graceful, but – as always – they did not tell anything about themselves. “When you find a person with whom you want to spend your life, love is, of course, very important – but also respect,” Ana said. “Ana understands everything I feel and think, and it makes my life so much easier,” Bastian continued. “For me, home is any place where she and our son are.”

“I can’t wait for our family’s next adventure,” Ana wrote in congratulations to Bastian on retirement last fall. They have since become the faces of the German clothing brand Brax, which praises them for their naturalness, celebrated the family’s four years and, less than two months ago, the release of the Amazon movie. In it, Ivanovich said that she was not able to hit a soccer ball, but Schweinsteiger played tennis decently.

“When we play, in every game I give him a two-point head start, and sometimes he wins – and then walks proud.

I am not telling him that I am not playing at full strength. “

Photo: anaivanovic, bastianschweinsteiger; tennis_photos, lewy_official; Eamonn M. McCormack;

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