And here is the new Miss Ukraine 2018, elected after the scandal with the previous one!


If you closely follow beauty contests (or at least the publications on our website), you probably know what a huge scandal the Miss Ukraine contest ended in this year 2018. If you don’t know yet, you here

But the modeling business is known to be ruthless to its victims. And now a new “Miss Ukraine” is taking the place of the deposed Veronica Dedusenko. Her name is Leonila Guz, and she is stunningly beautiful. “So why didn’t the jury choose her as the winner right away?” – a curious reader will ask. Very simple: the jury was not quite satisfied with the level of English of 19-year-old Leonila. After all, “Miss Ukraine” will go to the world stage of the competition in China, where she will not only have to be beautiful, but also talk. (Fortunately, it is still in English, not Chinese.)

Well, nothing, Leonila still has time to improve her English: the Miss World final will take place on December 8th. And we have time to look at the most victorious photographs of Leonila.

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