Andrey Nazarov: I’m not afraid of difficulties


Known in the past, “tough guy ” Andrei Nazarov will one of these days be officially approved as the general manager of the Chelyabinsk “Traktor ” club, where he began his playing career in the early 90s.

– Can you already congratulate you on your official entry into your new position?

– Not yet. This is the matter for the next three or four days.

– What will be your first steps as a club manager?

– I’m not ready to answer your question now. The position of general manager itself implies a fairly wide range of work. This is the recruiting of the roster, and the search for young talented players, and much, much more.

– Are you psychologically ready for the fact that you will have to travel a lot around the country and conduct serious breeding work?

– If I agreed to come to the club for this position, then I must correspond to it. Difficulties, in any case, I’m not afraid. And this is not the first season in hockey.

– Before the “Tractor” next season will be tasked with competing for medals. Is the bar raised too high for a team that has just returned to the Super League?

– I think it was said emotionally. In the course of the next season, the club will have more realistic goals.

– But before the start of this season, you, albeit unsuccessfully, were still invited to “Tractor ” to play …

– Yes, I have received such an offer. I am grateful to the management of the club for taking care of me. But at that moment I had already decided for myself that it would not be interesting for me to return to Russia as a player. For me, this is already a passed stage. I know, if something happens, I will again be accused of all mortal sins, again Nazarov will be the dirtiest and worst player. After all, a couple of years ago I played in Russia, that year I spent in Omsk “Avangard ” opened my eyes to many things.

– What have you been doing for the last six months?

– I have my own business related to the production of vodka “Nazarov “. So you can write that this is one of the best products in the world. We are engaged in the export of the product to America, it is also represented in Chelyabinsk. I know that everyone who has tried it likes it.

– You spent many years in the National Hockey League, where you faced different managers. Which one of them is, in your opinion, the ideal general manager?

– (Laughs). Funny question. Probably, there are simply no such people. From each you need to take little by little. In general, an ideal manager is a person who pays salaries on time and doesn’t ask too much from the players (smiles). But there is no such thing. Do you agree?

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