Arbiter Fedotov answers Kashshai to the analysis of refereeing in the match “Zenith” – “Spartak”



Fedotov answers Kashshai to the analysis of refereeing

Maxim Pakhomov

“I made everyone look like fools and clowns!” Arbiter Fedotov went hard according to Kashshai

Yesterday the head of the refereeing department examined the controversial episodes in the match between Zenit and Spartak.


The theme of the cup semi-final between Zenit and Spartak is still on the agenda. Yesterday the head of the judicial department Victor Kashshai analyzed the refereeing in the cup match and said that he generally liked the actions of the chief referee of the meeting.

“I liked what Ivanov was doing.” Kashshai – on the work of judges at the game “Zenith” and “Spartak”

The head of the judiciary of the RFU examines the controversial decisions of the referees in the sensational cup semi-final.

However, both in social networks and in the comments on our website, fans are unhappy with the interpretation of Kashshai’s episodes. Especially for the “Championship” referee Igor Fedotovcontinuing to develop your YouTube channel, analyzed the words of Kashshai.

Igor has the floor.

About Kashshai’s words about the moment of contact between Sobolev and Zhirkov

Kashshai admitted: he sent the moment with Sobolev to as many as ten European judges. So, I thought it was an 11-meter shot, I doubted Ivanov’s decision. He says he saw the photographs in the newspaper, which means that before viewing the photo he counted differently. If these ten judges said it was a penalty kick, what would he do? And who are these 10 judges to whom he sent replays? Why not give the names? And what exactly did he send them, what video?

“Already accepting bets on canceling our goal.” Spartak’s angry letter to Kashshai

The Moscow club demands an explanation from the head of the RFU refereeing department.

A separate question is about his words about photography. Who could have transferred these photos to the newspaper, leaked to social networks, to Telegram? After all, this replay was not in the broadcast, it was not in the analytical program on refereeing on television. So this replay was only available to VAR, so either Kaloshin or the judge “leaked” these photos. If Kaloshin did it, this is fear and the end – he violated the VAR protocol.

But back to the words of Kashshai. He claims to have seen a foul in the photo. It is a shame for the head of the judging department to watch moments from photographs. At the same time, he talks about viewing the moment from different angles. What angles in photography can we talk about at all ?! How does he analyze this moment in statics ?! And we can’t see from the photo that Sobolev is pulling Zhirkov by the T-shirt. Zhirkov is already collapsing there, and Sobolev is trying to stop. Yuri pulled him all the time by his right hand. But Kashshai and Kaloshin need to justify Turbin, who was sitting on VAR, so he lies and does not blush.

About the words of Kashshai about the collision of Barrios and Sobolev

We saw that Sobolev twisted Barrios and he hit him on the head with his hand. But Kashshai says: “According to Sobolev’s reaction, he just fell.” Listen, are we assigning a penalty based on the reaction of the players ?! Well, this is nonsense, Kashshai just buries himself and makes everyone look like fools and clowns.

“This is a big scandal.” “Spartak” was not given two penalties. Analysis of the refereeing of the Cup semi-final

Understanding the work of Ivanov in the match “Spartak” – “Zenith” with the referee Igor Fedotov.

I would like to remind Mr. Kashshai about the moment with Shapi in the recent match between Rostov and Krasnodar. They just hit him on the ear there, but then they admitted it was a penalty. And Meshkov did not work in the field after that. Maybe it’s still worth recalling the moment with Kutepov and Sorokin in the match between Spartak and Krasnodar? Kashshai’s words defy any normal explanation.

About the press conference in general

At this press conference, Kashshai did not really say anything. Any fan can say, “This is a penalty.” But the question why is it easy to answer: “Because”. This is how Kashshai’s words look like: he just pulled his brain into a puddle, making everyone look like clowns. And it was necessary to properly explain all the points. Now his words are one solid water. His authority is now below the plinth.


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