Argentine forward Adolfo Gaich goes to CSKA: insider details


Adolfo Gaich joins CSKA

Andrey Pankov

CSKA is still buying Gaich. Transfer amount, salary and other details

CSKA invest very serious money in this transfer.


CSKA is finally buying a striker. Argentine striker Adolfo Gaich will still come to Russia. Although at some stage of the negotiations it seemed that the deal would not take place, the negotiations nevertheless ended successfully. The player has already announced that he is going to Russia. If force majeure does not occur, which, unfortunately, are already familiar to CSKA, this week the club will announce the transition. Let’s add some important insider details.

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Back in the summer of 2019, Gaich was considered “raw” at CSKA

The Argentinian has long been on the list of CSKA scouts. Still, many have heard about Gaich’s talent in football circles, so he was on the list of interests of various clubs. But in the summer of 2019, when analyzing this option, the club considered Adolfo too “raw” player. Apparently, a lot has changed over the year, since CSKA has been negotiating it for so long and persistently.

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Complex negotiations

On July 7, CSKA made their first offer to Adolfo, whose contract with San Lorenzo ends a year later, in the amount of € 8 million for 90% of the player’s rights. The Argentine club rejected this offer, but expressed their readiness to continue the dialogue, since the club really needs money due to the difficult financial situation. The next day, CSKA, according to our information, raised the stakes – up to € 9 million for 90% of the rights to Gaich.

The Argentine club was generally satisfied with this offer – with one caveat: San Lorenzo insisted on the sale of 80% of the rights to the striker. As a result, the clubs agreed on an amount of € 8.5 million for 80% of the rights. It seemed that nothing could interfere with the transfer. But then the footballer’s agents and Adolfo himself refused. As we learned, on July 13, Gaich and his representatives rejected the contract offered by CSKA. The transfer was in jeopardy. But at the same time, the Argentine colleagues wrote that the “army men” are determined, and the player himself has no other options. Therefore, everyone wants to agree.

A day later, Gaich himself spoke up: “I look favorably on the opportunity to play in Russia. This possible transfer to CSKA could be a springboard to then move to another, more important league. There has been a lot of talk that my representative’s requested commission is preventing the transfer, but this is not entirely true. The only thing that the parties could not reach an agreement on is still my personal contract, the commission is a lie, and it would be good to clarify so that people understand that this is not so, and the only thing that blocks my transition is a personal contract “.

On July 16, the parties nevertheless agreed on all the details of the transition. The player’s agent said in the media that Gaich will move to CSKA.

Gaich’s contract

CSKA offered the Argentine a very good contract. According to our information, Adolfo is entitled to a salary of € 900 thousand per year. There is also an additional payment of € 200,000 every July and € 5,000 for each assist action – a goal or an assist. The term of the agreement will be five years. CSKA will also provide Gaich with an apartment and a car, an agency commission of € 400,000 will be paid in two tranches.

Gaich himself is very pleased with the upcoming transition: “I am moving into an excellent team. Moving to Russia is a great first step before ending up in a stronger European league. A preliminary agreement with CSKA has been reached, only the details remain. I am happy that the situation is so resolved. I have never been to Moscow, but I heard that it is a beautiful city. Good words were said about the club. I have to be convinced of this.

I haven’t talked to Driussi yet, but I’m sure he has some advice about life in Russia. I understand that moving to such a distant country can negatively affect the chances of playing in the national team. However, I believe in myself. Good performances there can get the attention of the coaches. So I don’t see any problem in this. I studied football in Russia and I know that physics plays an important role there. I hope I can adapt to this style of play. I will try to show high level football ”.

According to our information, CSKA’s transfer campaign will not end with the acquisition of Adolfo. The club needs a central defender and a defender. Therefore, from the “army” we can expect active action on these positions in the next month. It seems that the transferless times for CSKA have come to an end.

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