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Igor Larionov recalls the king of skins.

There are many famous series in CS: GO skins: You’ve probably seen rifles from the Speed ​​Beast or Neo-Noir set, which have been appearing in cases for several years now. However, the most popular series of skins came out back in 2013 and is replenished with new copies to this day. This drawing “Asimov” is the dream of all players in CS: GO

Sci-fi fanatic creator

Another popular skin is M4A4 Howl – became famous after a deafening scandal. The author of the skin in the workshop stole the drawing from another artist, and when it turned out, the developers had to remove the gun from the case. This rifle became famous in large part because of this event and the increased price.

Howl is the most popular skin in CS: GO. It was redrawn, the authors were banned, and now it costs under 250 thousand rubles

The situation with Azimov is completely opposite. The author of this skin – Coridium – created several legendary skins for weapons, came up with “Neon revolution“,”Valence“,”Atomic alloy“And many other famous skins. In total, the Corridium workshop has more than 50 guns and stickers for CS: GO, and about half of them officially appeared in the game (you can see the author’s work here).

Azimov is his first collection in CS: GO. Moving on to Valve’s shooter, Coridium created 9 different skins for multiple guns, with some weapons using classic orange and black hues, while others using reds or blues. As a result, 6 of them made it to the game.

“With this collection, I wanted to express my gratitude to many science fiction books, films and games,” said Coridium, “I like exploring people’s vision of what the future holds. The colors that I used to create the skin were found in many sci-fi works, and the name refers to the legendary author Isaac Asimov. “


It’s funny that “Asimov” is not the only series of skins dedicated to the famous writer. Above, we mentioned that in some of the livery from this collection, Coridium used red and blue colors, which contradicts Valve’s requirements: all weapons in one series of skins must look the same. However, the red Tec-9 “Asimov” still got into CS: GO, which was simply renamed to “Isaac”, again referring to the American author.

Explosive release of the first skin

For the first time “Asimov” appeared in the game as part of the “Winter Offensive” case, which was released in December 2013. This box contains only the M4A4 version of the skin, which will eventually become the rarest and most expensive. The price of the rifle was high from the very first days, and the StatTrak version was even more expensive. For a long time, videos of successful players who managed to knock out a rare cannon from a case took off on the Internet.

The popularity of the M4A4 Asimov was so high that after two months Valve released a second weapon with this design – AWP, which was supplied in the case of Operation Phoenix. At the beginning of 2014, the skin became the face of the game, and everyone wanted to get themselves a bright gun. Asimov has become a model for an expensive skin in CS: GO, one of the main indicators of coolness. At least until the release of Howl.

Community success and love

What was such a wild success of Azimov? It’s simple – by 2014, skins in CS: GO were still at the very early stage of development, when the drawings on the guns were as simple as possible, and any bright pattern immediately stood out from the general heap of dark and unremarkable colors. For example, then the coolest skins for AWP were “Electric Hive” (which looked like this) …

… or “Thunderbolt”. These are beautiful, but completely boring drawings.

Also in 2014, CS: GO players began to love betting massively. Then the most popular site for the game was CS: GO Lounge, where users were offered not only to exchange with each other skins, but also to put them on professional matches. Due to the stable price (~ 5 thousand rubles at the beginning of 2014), AWP “Azimov” has become a kind of currency among gamblers. Yes, at that time the big bets were measured not in dollars, but in the delivered “Asimov” skins.

It’s funny that even the very worn versions of the AWP “Azimov” are extremely popular with collectors. Players call this skin AWP Blackiimov, and its main feature is a completely black scope. Weapons have to be worn as much as possible to look that way, so versions like these cost a lot more than just a simple sniper rifle with scratches.

Almost 5 months later, the developers released the Asimov drawing for the P90, and in 2016 for the P250. After that in CS: GO more and more skins with detailed drawings began to appear, and the popularity of “Azimov” was a little less. The next release of weapons from the famous collection happened only at the end of 2019 – then Valve added AK-47 Asimov to the Forbidden Zone case, which for a long time was only available on custom servers.

By the way, the Corridium workshop also has an M4A1-S in orange and white colors. Looking forward to the next case?

Merchandise from fans

If in the case of “Howl” Valve promoted the skin as much as possible, releasing mice and rugs with it, then “Asimov” was left without official merchandise. Fortunately, the fans have handled the developers. There are a lot of T-shirts with different skin patterns on the sites.

As well as phone cases.

Some fans even paint their favorite things in Asimov colors. Here’s a Guitar Hero controller with a recognizable pattern.

And here is a custom thermos with a skin and stickers from professional teams.

The most desperate CS: GO fans even create weapon models and paint them in skin color.

* * *

If the first skin “Asimov” came out now, it would hardly have collected even half of the attention that was paid to it earlier. The timely release allowed this drawing to become iconic and forever remain in CS: GO history.

Have you ever had an Asimov cannon in your inventory?

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