“Azmun said:” I liked it. ” Dziuba – about that very video from the Zenit locker room


Attack Zenith Artem Dzyuba shared his opinion on the video from the blue-white-blue locker room with the participation of him and the striker Serdar Azmuna after the championship match with Krasnodar (4: 2). He also spoke about the reaction of the Iranian footballer to the scandal that followed after the post appeared online.

– There was no message, it’s just a moronic football joke among men, – quotes the “Championship” as saying Dziuba. – It’s like army humor, there are such things. It’s just that it shouldn’t be on the air at all, our videographers were mistaken. In many collectives, where many men gather, different things happen. If people from the outside see, they will say: “What a game!” But at that moment it was funny and funny. There is no message there – just a moronic thing that shouldn’t have come out. All. This is the whole joke.

I was amazed that in Iran this was perceived much more calmly than in our country. They realized that this was a joke. Azmun told me, laughed that the guys called him, they laughed. But as soon as we started a general condemnation … It is clear where this wind is blowing from, we are not surprised at anything. We laughed and cheered. Azmun’s words amused when we later discussed this joke at the meeting. He said, “I don’t know what the hype is, but I liked it.” It was very funny, it defused the atmosphere. But many of our people, alas, have a big problem with their sense of humor. Slutsky and I are great friends, we joked with each other, and many thought that we were almost at war with him. 60-70 percent of our people have no sense of humor, I sincerely condole with them.

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