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Before the match between BATE and Rosenborg, the head coach of Borisovites Alexey Bagi was asked how he would cope with forward Niklas Bendtner, if he appeared in the guests. In fact, there are no chances to see a player nicknamed Lord at the Borisov Arena now – at the beginning of the year, the forward received house arrest after an attack on a taxi driver, because of this he missed the preseason, did not receive trust from the new club coach, freaked out and stopped appearing on training and games.

Rosenborg in front of BATE: Bendtner disappeared since May (hanging out with a girl), the season is crooked, fans are angry

However, the Belarusian coach focused his answer on the current pastime of the failed opponent: “I have a list of those who arrived – on board [Бендтнера] did not have. Maybe somewhere in the hotel. Yesterday they laid out the reason for his absence. To be honest, I understand him. Very beautiful girl. I would also let off some steam after Arsenal and Juventus. The reason for his absence is pretty, he is not on board, we do not take him to BATE, if there is still a question of transfer. “

Well, it’s time to look at the girl, assessed by the BATE coach – 25-year-old model Filin Repstorf, who for the sake of Bendtner refused to move to the USA, steadfastly endured the story with the taxi driver and stuffed “Lord” around her neck. She does not hesitate to upload topless photos to her account.

Well, do you agree with Bugy’s opinion?

BATE will beat Rosenborg in the first leg – 2.17! 🔥

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