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The main groundhopper of belfootball-2020 is definitely the ABFF boss Vladimir Bazanov. At the stadiums of the “tower” we see him almost every round.

Bazanov – energizer: at 62 breaks out trips every round and argues with the minister

As you can imagine, in this mode the eye gets blurry pretty quickly, and sometimes you want to be distracted by something aesthetic, even if not in the major league.

In general, this photo would have remained just a post on the Tribune’s instagram (by the way, fly in, if you are still not with us), if not for the comment below it. The shot caught the eye of the ex-employee of the “Tribune” Vadim Knyrko.

It turns out that the head of the ABFF looked at Yulia Chepa – once Vadim’s colleague at (she was a website photographer) and the daughter of Andrei Chepa, head of the ABFF inspection and refereeing department. The family photo, which Yulia got together with her father, did not have to look long.

But looking at her Instagram a little further, you can find memories of how their family in a row served the match in the Belfootball minor.

By the way, Andrei Chepa and Vladimir Bazanov are far from the only tops of Belarusian sports that Yulia has staff with. For example, she took a photo with Igor Kriushenko – then the coach was already heading the national team of Belarus, but according to the surroundings it seems that he was preparing to leave for Indonesia 🙂

Kriushenko is pumping English in Indonesia – very nice congratulations on the holidays and communicating with the team

Yulia’s arsenal also has a shot with the current coach of the “national” Mikhail Markhel. He also seems to be very sympathetic to the girl.

But you shouldn’t be too surprised – Yulia is supposed to meet representatives of the national teams of Belarus due to her duty, because she works in the ministry of sports, in the management of national teams and the department of team sports.

By the way, do not think that this girl specializes only in football – she is quite capable of going to the same volleyball court with the Minister of Sports Sergei Kovalchuk.

In general, you get the idea – a dynasty of sports functionaries has already emerged in the Chep family. So we wish Yulia career success! And we just have to look at the beauty from her insta (yes, there will be pictures from the beach too 😉).

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