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There were also Liverpool players and Croats.

Dejan Lovren is a Zenit player! The defender of the champions of England is coming to us. True, a lot of players from the Premier League came to Russia. We have collected all in one test.

• Important! The selling club must spend the season before selling to the Premier League… That is, Pavel Pogrebnyak moved to Dynamo from Reading, which had previously played in the Premier League, but Pavel was leaving the championship. But the transitions from the teams just departed are considered a transfer from the Premier League.

The player must play at least a match for the selling club in the Premier League… And the match for the buying club in the RPL. Therefore, for example, Ngasanya Ilongo disappears, who in 2006 replaced Wigan with Lokomotiv (but did not play either there or there).

• Okay, three guys got into the test who didn’t really play for English clubs (transitions Brighton – Rostov, Chelsea – Spartak and Man City – Anji). If you strain, then you can remember the guys – one still lights up brightly in the RPL. But you can enter the word “Hint” – and these three answers will be revealed by themselves

• For convenience, we tried to arrange the transitions in a more or less chronological order.

Enter the correct answers and tell in the comments who you forgot. Good luck!

If the test is not displayed, go to link

Lyrics about Lovren’s transfer to Zenit:

Photo: RIA News/ Sergey Pivovarov

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