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May 17 finished XXVIII championship Belarus in women’s handball teams. The outcome of the tournament turned out to be very abrupt. By the decision of the federation, on April 26, the matches of the Parimatch Super League among women’s teams in group “A” were completed. But given the two point difference between the leading “Gomel” and by that time in second place “BNTU-BelAZ” and their bitter struggle for the title, decided to play the two remaining matches of the second stage between these teams.

In the first match, the handball players of “BNTU-BelAZ” snatched a victory with a score of 31:30 and spun the intrigue in the championship even more. However, four days later, in the second match, they were defeated with a score of 27:29 and there was no steep comeback.

Gomel defeated BNTU-BelAZ and won the women’s championship of Belarus

The left welterweight team of Belarus became the best scorer of the two decisive matches in BNTU-BelAZ Maria Konoval

She was also recognized as the best in her position at the end of the championship and entered the top 5 scorers of the entire tournament.

Maria’s abrupt performance bore fruit – the handball player reached an agreement on a transfer to the Romanian Duneru. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the timing of moving to a new country is still unknown. It is worth noting that the athlete’s attitude towards the virus is quite serious. She talked about this in a recent interview.

Handball player of the Belarusian national team Konoval: “Pandemic? I look at the people in the city and I understand that they have relaxed. Already fewer people wear masks “

It seems that with the departure of Konoval, the women’s championship will lose not only cool performances on the court – there will also be one less stunning beauty in the championship.

Source: BFG

Photo: instagram and facebook Maria Konoval


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