Belarusian beauty was among the most athletic girls at the “Miss World” – Girl of the Day – Blogs


This year our country at the most prestigious beauty contest “Miss World” is represented by the “Second Vice-Miss Belarus-2018” nineteen-year-old Anastasia Lavrinchuk. The girl is already in London, where, together with other participants from 112 countries, she undergoes various tests, during which the winner of the Miss World 2019 will be determined.

Today the contestants fought for the Miss Sports title. They had to pass the team and individual scoring in sprint running, bip test and long jump. According to the results of the competition, the top 32 was determined. Anastasia Lavrinchuk is among the most athletic beauties in the world. For this, the girl was awarded additional points, which increased her chances of being crowned Miss World 2019.

Photo: instagram / an.laur

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