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Belarusian beauty conquers the world. Maria Vasilevich recently entered the five most beautiful girls on the planet.

For the first time, the Belarusian woman entered the top 5 most beautiful girls in the world. She likes sports

Recently Belarus was included in the top 20 countries with the most beautiful girls in the world. The rating was made by the portal Missosology, who is engaged in the analysis of international beauty contests. The most attractive were the representatives of Venezuela, the Belarusians were in 18th place. By the way, from our neighboring countries only Poland entered the top (14).

But you and I know without any ratings how good our girls are. Naturally, Belarusian sports are no exception. It’s full of beauties that you may not have even heard of.

Daria Avramchik (volleyball)

The 20-year-old pupil of Zhemchuzhina Polesie played in Slovakia last year, and is now playing in France.

Ekaterina Vandaryeva (kickboxing)

Multiple world and European champion in kickboxing and Thai boxing

Ekaterina Galkina (rhythmic gymnastics)

Recently she received the title of “Honored Master of Sports”.

Victoria Ganieva (volleyball)

Chopped up with “Minchanka” in the Russian championship and the Champions League.

Anna Guskova (freestyle)

Champion of Pyeongchang, one of the main hopes of Beijing 2022.

Maria Konoval (handball)

Plays for BNTU-BelAZ.

Yulia Markevich (hockey)

Plays in Sweden for Eskilstuna.

Vasilisa Maslova (roller sport)

World champion in freestyle inline skating.

The Belarusian woman is the best in the world to fight on rollers – she is beautiful!

Kristina Misochenko (handball)

Plays for Gomel.

Alexandra Sasnovich (tennis)

The second racket of the country and one of the main fashionistas of belsport.

Sasnovich is one of Belsport’s main fashionistas. She really has a taste

Alina Talay (athletics)

Prizewinner of world and European championships and biker.

“The motorcycle is my only outlet.” Unusual hobby of Alina Talay

Diana Khmylova (field hockey)

Champion of Belarus with “Victoria” Smolevichi.

Elena Fedorinchik (volleyball)

Another representative of the “Minchanka”.

Valeria Shakhrai (football)

Silver medalist of the Belarusian championship with RGUOR.

Maria Shepelevich (volleyball)

Plays for Kommunalnik-Mogilev.

Margarita Yushko (football)

Champion of Belarus and winner of the Cup with Minsk.

Violetta Skvortsova (Athletics)

Anastasia Gorelik (volleyball)

Plays against “Minchanochka” for “Uralochka”.

Anastasia Shumeiko (volleyball)

Plays for Atlant.

Photo: Daria Avramchik, Ekaterina Vandaryeva, Victoria Ganieva, Vasilisa Maslova, Diana Khmylova, Elena Fedorinchik, Valeria Shakhrai, Maria Shepelevich, Anastasia Shumeiko, In contact with, Ekaterina Galkina, Anna Guskova, Maria Konoval, Tatiana Markushevskaya, Yulia Markevich, Christina Misochenko, Alexandra Sasnovich, Alina Talay, Margarita Yushko, Violetta Skvortsova, Anastasia Gorelik on Instagram

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