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Volleyball players deserve compliments.

On Saturday the national team of Belarus played the final match of the group round of the Golden Euroleague. To get to the final four from first place, it was necessary to take two games from the Spanish women at their site in the resort of Alicante. We managed to cope with the task quickly – the charges of Peter Khilko first stunned the hostesses 25:11, then rested and did not miss their goal – 25:23. Then the coach decided to experiment a bit and released the reservists to the site. Spain took two games (24:26, 21:25), but ours celebrated the decisive success – 15: 9.

Belarusians took the lead in the group, ahead of Finland and Azerbaijan in addition to Spain. On the horizon is the final four, which will take place on June 21-22 in Varazdin, Croatia. The opponents will be Croatia, Czech Republic and Spain.

After the final match in the group, the Belarusian volleyball players had a lot of fun. First, they jumped into the pool in a playful way …

The next day we took a team photo in swimsuits, and the next day we took a team photo in swimsuits.

In a couple of days we will again worry about this team.

Photo, video: www.instagram / katerina_sakolchyk, instagram / aleshka_f7

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