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But his “Botafogo” was left without a sponsor and is delaying the players’ salaries.

Amazing news came from Brazil during the pandemic. The controversial president of the country, Jair Bolsonaro, was desperate to return football and called the virus influenzaand Botafogo’s vice president of sales and marketing, Ricardo Rothenberg, set out to hunt the elderly stars.

In mid-March, ex-midfielder of CSKA and Milan Keisuke Honda made his debut in the team from Rio. The Japanese was brought by Marcos Leite – an agent who appeared out of nowhere. Marcos had a short career in youth teams in Brazil, then worked for an agency company, and at the end of January he opened his own. Business went quickly – after a month Honda agreed to go to Brazil.

Botafogo has become an excellent partner, says Leite. – When I thought about bringing Honda to Brazil, I immediately remembered about a big club, which, in my opinion, lacks idols. The fans needed an idol. I started talking to Ricardo Rothenberg, who immediately liked it. He invited me to Rio. “

Leite soon promised Rothenberg an even more stellar boost. In the Chinese FNL, Yaya Toure just finished dusting. “Botafogo” decided to lure the Ivorian, but this time everything turned out to be more complicated.

“Yaya Toure does not keep his word. He’s not worth a Honda’s fingernail, I blocked his phone contact. “

Negotiations have been going on since February, in March the parties almost closed the deal, but then Toure unexpectedly refused. The player stated that his wife would not want to live in Rio.

However, soon Yaya appeared in the campaign of the presidential candidate “Vasco da Gama” – he promised to sign the Ivorian if he won the elections. Rotenberg blazed with anger: “He’s a guy who doesn’t keep his word. He has position, but no character.

Today we have no desire to see him with us. As Eleno de Freitas (forward of the club and the Brazilian national team of the 40s) said, Botafogo is not a team for cowards. Yaya doesn’t deserve to wear a Botafogo shirt. He’s not a Honda. Thank God, in “Botafogo” it is Honda, not Yaya. He’s not worth a Honda’s fingernail outside the field. I blocked his contact on the phone. His legs will not be in the Botafogo. I don’t even want to hear his excuses later. “

As a result, 37-year-old Toure practicing calmly with the team of the fourth division from London.

Rothenberg invited Robben to resume his career. The Dutchman accepted the advice, but did not go to Botafogo

Rotenberg and Leite quickly switched to another veteran who had already retired. “Robben, in my opinion, was the best at the 2014 World Cup. Messi was named the best because he won the silver medal. But Arjen is my idol, I consider him an outstanding player, Rothenberg said in May. – There is a risk here, because he hasn’t played for a long time. But I got in touch, the interest of Botafogo was pleasant to him. Agent Marcos Leite spoke with the player’s representative. In any case, it will be difficult, he has not played for a long time and, if he wants, he can earn four times more in another club. But he is aware of Botafogo’s interest.

A month later, 36-year-old Robben followed Rotenberg’s advice. The Dutchman resumed his career, but decided instead of a trip to distant Brazil save native “Groningen”

The club still signed a star – Salomon Kalu arrived. But Obi Mikel refused to move to Rio

Rotenberg’s goal was never achieved – Yaya Touré and Arjen Robben remained in Europe. Then Botafogo contacted former Chelsea stars John Obi Mikel and Salomon Kalu. Both became free agents due to the coronavirus.

Mikel, 33, worried in March that the Turkish championship was not being stopped in the midst of a pandemic. The Nigerian urged to cancel the season, and when he did not find understanding from the league and the club, he terminated the contract with Trabzonspor and left without compensation… Kalu, 34, was suspended from training and playing Gertha in May for violating social distancing rules. In the 2019/20 season, the Ivorian played 5 matches in the Bundesliga and scored one goal.

It was possible to agree only with Kalu. The footballer signed a contract for a year and a half.

“Obi Mikel is no longer going to Botafogo,” Rothenberg said last week. – We have already brought two foreigners who have played in European football for a long time – an Asian (Honda) and an African (Kalu). We are pleased that Obi Mikel is no longer interested in Botafogo, despite the fact that he is a great player and an incredible personality. I liked him very much, but he will not come. “

Who brought Kalu to Brazil? Yes, the same Marcos Leite. He has already become famous among the fans. They devote memes to him: “Are you a foreigner? I’ll hire you. “

During the pandemic, Botafogo lost its title sponsor, and has not paid salaries for several months. Denilson offers to sign Batman to Robben

The club’s interest in celebrity veterans does not please everyone. Forward Rodrigo Pimpao said that six months after his departure, he still has not received a salary from Botafogo.

“I left six months ago. And I’m still waiting for the money to be received, ”the Brazilian told Fox Sports in May. – I don’t think it’s cool for a club to think about hiring great players when they don’t pay those who worked there. I am grateful to Botafogo, but very upset. “

Ricardo Rotenberg just blurted out on Twitter: “Among the former players, it has become fashionable to be against the transfer of stars to Botafogo.

Brazilian ex-Betis player Denilson stood up for the players whose salaries are delayed: “If I were a Botafogo player, I would not be happy. They don’t pay me, the guys get their wages cut, and then someone comes in, talking about Robben’s transfer. For heaven’s sake, it takes a little more responsibility during this period. There is no need to deceive the fans. Let’s also invite Batman. Batman and Robben are both retired. Let’s send Batman to the defense. “

In addition, due to the pandemic, the club was left without a title sponsor. Royal Olive Oil has made the decision to retire from football. But Rotenberg does not lose optimism: “We are talking with companies, discussing prices. It’s not easy because the market has become poorer. Companies have gotten poorer. All this makes the task more difficult. We hope to start the Brazilian Championship with a sponsor. We are trying to get around this pandemic problem so that Botafogo can earn a little more. “

The Brazilian Championship was planned to start in early May, but the coronavirus has pushed back the dates. The tournament is expected to kick off on August 8th.

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