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Belarusian basketball player Elena Levchenko has always been able to stand out. It doesn’t matter if it is on or off the basketball court. She is not afraid to look bold, both making another pass through the wall of defenders, and criticizing people who, in her opinion, are doing the wrong thing.

“I would like a drop of human respect.” Levchenko was removed from the national team, deprived of bets, for some reason they invented an injury

Elena Levchenko: “People who have achieved success are simply removed. The President says that such personnel should be appreciated. Why is there no such thing in Belarusian basketball? “

Recently, the best center of the 2010 World Cup and one of the main components of that legendary national team of Belarus at the end of the 2000s has been suffering from injuries and is gradually thinking about life after basketball. She has a lot of plans outside the basketball court, as the athlete herself says.

Where is Buyalsky’s legendary team now?

However, Elena does not plan to give up basketball either, even if she is now without a club. The intention to continue her career is evidenced not only by the words of the center herself, but also by her photos on social networks, on which she often appears in sports equipment and shows excellent shape.

Elena appears on her Instagram not only in outfit, but also in more revealing outfits. Such photos of the Belarusian athlete break her account and are very popular with everyone who got into this profile. Indeed, the photos are very good. Take a look for yourself.

Source: @yelenaleu, @atlphotos, @kanaplev_leydik

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