Catalan parents loved the name Leo. In 2004, 11 children were named so, in 2019 – already 500 – did you see that? – Blogs


The magic of Messi.

The Catalan Institute of Statistics presented further proof of the greatness of Lionel Messi (a year ago we followed his influence on life in Catalonia). According to a study, in 2019, 500 children in Catalonia were named after Leo. The connection with the Barça captain is obvious. In 2000, when Messi arrived in Barcelona, ​​only four Leos were born in Catalonia. The following year, no one received such a name at all.

In 2004, when the Argentine made his debut as the foundation of the club, 11 children were named after Leo (262nd place in popularity). Since then, the number has grown steadily – in 2010 there were 136 Leo (64th place), in 2015 – 454 (11th place), in 2018 – 459 (sixth place), in 2019 – 500 (second place).

Now only one male name is more popular in Catalonia – Mark. Last year, 622 couples were named this way. In second place is the female name Julia – 516.

However, someone doubts that Leo will soon bypass these names too?

Photo: Alex Caparros

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