Charlotte McKinney launched her own lingerie line


“Seductive blonde with huge breasts” in the spotlight again! Although, let’s be honest, when was she not in it? This time, the reason is not only aesthetic, but also news: Charlotte McKinney, in collaboration with lingerie brand Wolf & Whistle, has launched her own line of lingerie. According to Charlotte, the models of her name are for “girls with outstanding bust.” And anyone who has seen even one photo of Charlotte understands why.

“When Wolf & Whistle contacted my team regarding cooperation, they emphasized that I would have full control over the situation. And so it was! I followed all the stages, from drawing sketches to choosing a photographer Mark Squers ”- this is how the model commented on her design experience. We congratulate Charlotte on the launch of the line and are in a hurry to see the models that the Instagram star herself advertises.

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