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The playoffs have already begun!

While doters and kaeser are taking a break from tournaments, and Valve is not releasing a new chest with immortals, we decided to dilute the boring gaming routine and decide who is the best commentator in the CIS.

The list includes almost all well-known CIS commentators from various disciplines: 30 of them made it into the playoff bracket and 8 will be killed in the Wild Card. Every day we will lay out in our twitter couples so that you vote for your favorites and decide who will be the best.

You can follow the progress of the tournament by the hashtag # favorite commentator cyber

Playoff pairs for today:

• Mila vs Goblak;
• LightofHeaven vs Strike:
• Inmate vs Bafik / MR_Zais conqueror;


Playoff bracket:

Who do you think will win?


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