CIS Dota from FlyToMoon: General cameback with 20k rapier on Brumaster, and then Iceberg died under the fountain – Wall – Screed – Blogs


Medusa does not lose in Late.

The first FTM map against started out perfectly: Iceberg won mid on Zeus, and Vitun defended his lane perfectly in PL. By the 15th minute, three of the four top nets are the MTF cortex.

The only problem was Medusa, who almost didn’t make mistakes at the beginning of the game. At the same time, the Vikings locked themselves on their half of the map and pulled down the first tower only in the 20th minute.

But suddenly BOOM gave out a gorgeous RP from smok.

For more than half an hour, the FTM did not have a single useful aura (!), But it had two halberds at once. Yes, Medusa and Magnus could not give out all their damage, but the PL simply could not heal in the fight. Vladmir was bought by the General only in the 32nd minute. It seems that this is exactly why FlyToMoon gave two Aegis in a row.

At the 48th minute, the General buys the Rapier. A minute later – the third Roshan falls, and after a couple of seconds Brumaster alternately destroys Magnus, Wenga and Mirana with crazy crits.

Armed with Aegis, Cheese, and a refresher shard, the FTMs make a critical decision – to take the throne.

Iseberg really wanted to finish off Medusa, but even two Nimbus were not enough. Rubik grabbed him almost under the fountain in Bane’s stolen ult. And after a few seconds, Phoenix catches Mirana’s arrow before pressing the ultimate, and Medusa shoots the entire team.

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