Crumpet of the Week: Fleur van der Hoven


Fleur van der Hoven, a plus-size model from the Netherlands, better known under the pseudonym Fleur Fabien, was born in Rotterdam and could have spent her whole life among tulips and bicycles, but instead, after graduating from high school, she signed contracts with several European modeling agencies ( in their native Netherlands, Germany and Spain).

Fleur has been shooting a lot for advertising campaigns, and she prefers brands of sports underwear and clothing for an active lifestyle, and also maintains a YouTube channel, where she reveals in detail and without embellishment the wrong side of modeling life. This, you know, really cuts like a living: hotels in the most picturesque cities in the world, personal stylists and hairdressers, and the like. As they say, the faint of heart is better off not looking!

But photos from her “Instagram” are recommended for viewing by everyone!

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