Crumpet of the Week: Lilly Lux


Lilly Lux is the creative pseudonym of Natalie Rene, a plus-size and pin-up model originally from Texas but living in Bucharest. Lilly has starred for advertising campaigns for lingerie and clothing and leads an active blogging life: she has almost a million subscribers on Instagram.

As we learned from Lilly’s blog, her interests also include traveling, visiting libraries and bookstores, cooking and watching documentaries. Lilly’s favorite foods are Thai noodles, California rolls and chicken tikka masala. If this information seems to you eclectic and insufficient to form your own idea of ​​Lilly, then we recommend that you immediately move on to viewing her exciting photos.

And we, in turn, wish Lilly success in all endeavors, especially in those associated with posing in swimsuits and underwear!

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