Crumpet of the Week: Yael Jolie


Forget everything you’ve heard about French women, because now we will introduce you to the Parisian Yael Jolie! The fatal brunette is just taking her first steps in the modeling business, but plus-size agencies are already queuing up to sign contracts with her. At the moment, two agencies managed to do this: Yael collaborates with Curve Models in his native France and Notoys in Hamburg.

But at the same time, Yael’s schedule is quite busy, between filming for magazines and advertising catalogs she barely finds time to blog on Instagram, where she talks about love for her body, body positive and other relevant agenda. And, of course, he accompanies his posts with photographs (which turned out to be even more valuable for the half of the editorial board who did not know French).

So go ahead to the selected shots, and try to hold back the enthusiastic: “O-la-la!”

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