Daughter-in-law Gurenko is a Russian woman: she does not eat for 16 hours, considers her husband to be the main thing, and family is more important than a career


Not so long ago, there was one less Gurenko in the Major League. Sergei Gurenko parted with the post of head coach of Minsk “Dynamo” and is still on a break in his career.

In the top in moments, shots and ball control. What “Dynamo” left behind Gurenko

The honor of the surname in the elite division remained to be defended by the coach’s son, 25-year-old Artem Gurenko. He plays consistently for Vitebsk, but strives for more.

Artem Gurenko: “I want to play in the Belarusian top club”

Not so long ago, Artyom had a change in another – marital status. In early December, he officially formalized the relationship with his soul mate named Elizabeth.

Sergei Gurenko’s daughter-in-law is a Russian woman. So she herself indicated in the profile description on Instagram.


The girl willingly shares information about herself. “I wake up at 12-13 noon. Ideas for what to do are coming to an end, I think about a painting that is painted by numbers, and a mosaic of 3000 pieces. In the meantime, another series that does not clog the brain. If you have any ideas about what else you can do while at home, I will be glad ”, – for example, told she a month ago about voluntary self-isolation. Elizabeth stores and answers to subscribers’ questions in a special place in the story. So we learn about the unpleasant moments for her in Belarus: this is the “Soviet system” in education and the absence of many fashion brands in the country, which causes problems with style. However, according to the girl, almost all Belarusians have them.


Elizabeth is attentive to her appearance. Among other things, the girl admits that she will never agree to part with her long hair, and she maintains the shape of her lips with special injections.

Elizabeth combines two useful skills: cooking and losing weight. In her opinion, all girls should be able to cook. Recently Elizabeth shared with subscribers, a detailed method of keeping in shape is intermittent fasting. “It’s simple: eat for 8 hours, and then break for 16 hours… In 8 hours I have time to eat 2 full meals. I like this system. I dropped 12 kilograms on it and eat whatever I want, ”the girl said, although she knows that it is not very useful.


The husband does not share this approach 🙂

There is a clear order in the family for Elizabeth – in this regard, the girl is set up in the most traditionalist way. “He is in charge of the house. For me, a happy family is a man at the head… I was brought up so that a man brings money into the house, and a woman creates comfort, raises children and is engaged in creativity. A woman’s strength lies in her weakness… She inspires her man to new heights, supports in difficult times “, – told a girl to subscribers in another post, calling for a discussion, but there were no opponents in the comments, rather the opposite.


Moreover, Elizabeth will not prefer a career to the family – she, according to the girl, is not able to make her completely happy.

It looks like the family of Artem Gurenko will be strong. And we just have to look at a few photos of his chosen one.

Photo: instagram.com/elizabeth_shw

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