Did you know that Schumacher has a beautiful daughter?


Five years ago, the life of the most famous rider in the world, Michael Schumacher, changed dramatically, moreover, it almost ended. While skiing, Michael suffered a severe head injury, due to which he was bedridden. Of course, the life of the entire Schumacher family, his wife Corinne and two children – son Mick (also, by the way, a Formula racer) and daughter Gina-Maria, changed. According to media reports, Michael’s treatment cost 16 million euros, and the family even had to sell the racer’s private jet and family home in Norway.

And finally, the treatment gave a result: in December 2018, appeared messages that Schumacher is no longer bedridden. We really hope that this is the first step towards full recovery. In the meantime, we discovered that Schumacher’s daughter Gina-Maria has turned not just into a 21-year-old beauty, but into a 21-year-old beauty with the title of world champion in reining.

If you are now thinking “Why? ..”, let us explain. Reining is a spectacular equestrian competition in which the rider gallops the horse around the arena while the horse struggles to throw the rider off his back. Actually, another name for reining is cowboy dressage. Indeed, Schumacher’s own daughter could not have chosen a culturally safe show jumping! Besides, Gina-Maria’s mother, Corinna, once won the European Reining Championship. So everything is natural.

All in all, we have compiled a selection of the best photos of 21-year-old Gina-Maria, which show both her beauty and her professionalism. Happy viewing.

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