Dmitry Egorov – about the situation in “Spartak”, referee errors and Fedun’s statements


It’s sad that the media misquoted Leonid Fedun… Many will read that after the match with Akhmat, the president of Spartak and co-owner of Lukoil said: “I propose to organize the hashtag # JudgeSpartakKakZenit. And we will be champions. “

“Selling” Spartak “for a ruble. Are you ready to spend 10 billion? ” Fedun’s powerful performance

The new general director of Spartak spoke to journalists after the match with Akhmat.

In fact, the phrase sounded differently:

“In general, I propose to organize the hashtag #SpartakKakZenit. And we will be champions. Thank. Hee-hee-hee “.

And this “Thank you, hee-hee-hee” is the key.

It is key, because with this addition, Fedun’s speech no longer looks so spontaneous and emotional.

It is key, because the reaction of the retinue standing behind – from the CEO to the PR people – shows that we have seen a coordinated action.

The key, finally, because Fedun’s delight is read as the realization of a brilliant way out of a terrible situation, when Spartak is close to the worst result in the last 40 years.

An experienced military political instructor realizes that his manipulation from the series #JudgeSpartacusLikeZenith not just an excuse or a joke, but also an independent philosophy that exactly falls under the request of the crowd, journalists and bloggers.


The day before the dismissal of ex-general director Thomas Zorn, we wrote that Spartak really needs not so much a personnel revolution as an ideological revolution. The club had to ask themselves questions: what do we play, why do we play and who do we represent?

The answer could be: a) consolidation of the traditional and spectacular playing style as fundamental, b) the creation of a unified and long-term strategy for the development of the champion team, c) an appeal to symbolism – the return of the legendary diamond and highlighting the cultural image of the Spartak player as a player or fan that is really special for the history of the country club.

However, it is clear that this creative, systemic and painstaking process would not suit either the impatient Fedun or the new generation of the public, ready to exchange any attributes of self-identification for titles.

Fedun, come to your senses! “Spartak” degenerates with you

Sell ​​already or switch on, as in 2003. Let’s start by changing the logo, firing Zorn and Tedesco.

Therefore, the association of “Spartak” bypasses complex forms and develops due to successful mechanisms of manipulation of popular consciousness. After all, who is to blame for Russia’s troubles? It is known that Pindos, Zhidomason, Ukrainians and, probably, gays. According to the elections, this version is supported by about 70 percent of the population, united in parallel by the idea of ​​their own chosenness as a nation. By the way, Spartak fans also consider themselves favorites. And who is to blame for the troubles of the great club? “Piterskiy Politproekt”, serving its judges and corrupt officials from the RFU!

Considering the fact that the recognition of one’s own systemic mistakes and the implementation of global reforms led not to progress and forgiveness, but to the collapse of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, then #JudgeSpartak as Zenith is the best slogan Fedun could come up with. Or they could have come up with one for him.


And look, the ice has already broken.

“Phratria” does not protest against Fedun, but the RFU swears and asks Dyukov to deal with the judges.

Journalists and bloggers do not write that this season is almost the worst for Spartak in 40 years, because the hype on the anti-Spartak conspiracy is much more productive, if the fake in the fan’s Telegram channel brings the RFU to a polygraph test by judge Sergei Lapochkin.

So Fedun and Spartak become victims. A little more – and in front of the gladiator at the “Arena Opening” they will kneel down sobbing.

Does Fedun need to go around the second circle? Return Carrera, remember Berdyev

Who will win gold in the year of the centenary of “Spartak” – in 2022?

And no one will remember that:

1. Ayrton is really a little short of the line of the penalty area, and therefore the penalty kick against Akhmat is canceled.

2. In the same match, Gigot goes offside by a couple of centimeters and actively fights with the defender, which is why a goal is not counted.

3. The ball hits the lying Ivanov exactly in the supporting hand, because of which the 11-meter is not even considered.

4. Sochi goalkeeper Zabolotny swings the ball for himself in a difficult episode with Ponce, so the absence of a foul is a fair decision of the referees.

five. Sobolev, before the scoring shot, really pushes the Tambov defender in the back.

6. Gigot fouled in his own box, earning a penalty.

7. Zobnin beats Oblyakov in a non-game moment and rightly leaves CSKA.

8. Gigot is again offside and interferes with the goalkeeper in the match against Ufa, so Sobolev’s goal is not counted.

nine. A couple of centimeters – and the ball after hitting Sobolev with the same “Ufa” would have completely crossed the line and “Spartak” would have won. But there was no goal here either.

ten. And perhaps on penalties with Yeshchenko’s participation in the already victorious match with Arsenal, there can be questions both to the referees and to VAR.

A clean goal was again scored from Spartak. Analysis of refereeing in the match with “Akhmat”

Understanding Sukhoi’s work with referee Igor Fedotov.

Yes, the reds and whites were really unlucky several times in a row, but now, when the season has long been a failure, when the club loses its idea and philosophy, every new and controversial decision of the referees is only in favor of Spartak.

After all, if not for them, if we were judged as Zenit, we would be champions. Thank. Hee hee hee.

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