Dummy of the Week: Aisha Perry


We continue to acquaint you, the reader, with the most brilliant representatives of the plus-size segment of the modeling industry. Our heroine of today, Aisha Perry-Iqbal, is a Pakistani-born model from Wales who is now living and enjoying fashion industry fame in Los Angeles.

And if your head starts spinning, do not worry, now we will return to the usual areas. Aisha tries her hand both as a model and an actress (in fact, for this she moved to Hollywood), and while Hollywood directors are in no hurry to line up under her doors in long queues, she is filming for clothing and swimwear brands and maintains a motivating blog for girls on the topic of body positive and love for your own body.

And so harmoniously the unusual sides of Aisha’s biography balance out the quite familiar ones that we did not find anything better than to admire her photograph. And we weren’t disappointed!

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