Dumpling of the week: Svetlana Kashirova. And again from Russia!


Svetlana Kashirova is a model, designer and owner of the popular Corsetshop corset store (it could not be otherwise, because Svetlana often personally demonstrates models of a seductive negligee). Svetlana lives in Russia and France, travels often, but she has time not only to come up with new models of underwear, take part in photo shoots, but also communicate with subscribers on social networks. She has a lot of them, on Instagram alone at the time of publication of the article there were 179 thousand.

As Svetlana said in an interview with the portal eg.ru, one of her fans posted fake news on social media that she was the winner of the Miss Baghdad contest and her father is an Iraqi citizen. The news quickly went viral, and in just a few days, Svetlana’s Instagram had several times more subscribers.

And they can be easily understood!

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