“Dynamo ” – CSKA: “army team ” won


CSKA in a match of principle for themselves against the Moscow “Dynamo “
won a strong-willed victory with a score of 4: 2.

During the regular season, the teams met twice, and in both meetings the same score was recorded 3: 2 in favor of Dynamo, although both in the first and in the second match CSKA had a game advantage. This time the game developed according to a different scenario.

The nominal owners of the site hockey players “Dynamo” started the match very actively and briskly. Having received a numerical advantage in the first minutes, Dynamo more than once threatened the possessions of Konstantin Simchuk, who worked hard. But his colleague – Dynamo keeper Sergei Zvyagin only for the 6th minute. really entered the game, as already “Dynamo ” was in the minority.

Before that, he only watched the actions of his partners and actively warmed up.

CSKA, in contrast to their rivals, playing in the majority, did not create much at other people’s gates and could have conceded themselves. The owners’ defender Mamashev ran into the breakthrough, but Simchuk, who came out of the goal in time, was the first to reach the puck.

It is surprising that out of 9 minutes of the start of the match 8 teams played in unequal compositions, and no one managed to realize the numerical majority. And when the teams finally found themselves in equal proportions in terms of the number of players on the ice, then on the 12th minute. the owners have opened an account.

Albert Vishnyakov dared to go solo to the goal, being in the corner of the site, beat the army defenders and the goalkeeper (1: 0).

The announcer had not yet had time to pronounce the number of the author of the first scored puck, when suddenly the score was equal. The throw from the blue line by Yegor Mikhailov came as a complete surprise to the goalkeeper Zvyagin, who was closed by his players and army player Yuri Dobryshkin. The latter tried to fix the puck during the flight, but it is difficult to say whether he succeeded or not. In any case, the return puck of CSKA was recorded at the expense of Yegor Mikhailov (1: 1).

After a minute and a half, the nominal guests are already coming forward. After incredible ricochets and rebounds, and also not without a share of luck, Denis Parshin pushed the puck into the gates of Dynamo (1: 2).

A little more time passed, as the score became 2: 2. Dynamo scored an atypical puck for the majority. Evgenia Fedorov, starting his raid to the other’s goal from his blue line, beat three army men along the way and, with a kick between the legs of keeper Sergei Zvyagin, equalized the score in the 17th minute.

Except as surprising and unexpected, the 1st period cannot be called. So many events at once fit into the starting twenty-minute segment. The teams spent so much time in the minority, and only one of the four goals was abandoned when the numerical advantage was realized.

The beginning of the subsequent period again cannot be called unexpected. CSKA came out ahead in the match thanks to the puck of Yuri Dobryshkin, abandoned on the 21st minute. With his throw into the near corner, the Dynamo keeper could not cope (2: 3).

After this missed puck, the hosts’ game subsided. This, subsequently, played a decisive role. In the second period, CSKA started as briskly as Dynamo did in the first. CSKA, having seized the initiative in the match at the beginning of the second period, did not give it up until the very final siren.

The turning point for “Dynamo” could be the moment when Mirnov hit the goal from a lethal position, but the crossbar played for Simchuk. CSKA scored again at the beginning of the period and in the minority. After losing the puck in a simple situation, Dynamo brought a counterattack in their turn, which Upper realized by throwing again into the near corner (2: 4).

For the goalkeeper of “Dynamo ” Sergei Zvyagin, who missed 4 goals in the match, 2 of which after throws into the near corner of the goal, this match was clearly unsuccessful.

The owners found themselves in a quandary. Have “Dynamo ” had very little time to recoup and eliminate the advantage of the army team in 2 goals. But the next removal in the composition of the blue and white Vyshedkevich canceled all their chances of a successful outcome of the meeting. Moreover, the goalkeeper “Dynamo ” more than once rescued his team at the end of the match and saved it from a crushing score.

CSKA, not looking very impressive in the first period, leveled the score with some luck, and already at the beginning of the next one managed to seize the initiative in the match and bring the meeting to a victorious end.

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